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Country Concept Review - CRAFT CLOSET ✨

Recently had to change my craft closet’s wheels and I have the urge to keep this whole thing updated because I’ve had such great service from Country Concept!

One thing I really love about Dayre is how the better part of my “exciting” life after moving out is still here, and the fact that I can even look back on #xmcraftcloset is something I am super grateful about :’)

I even wrote down all the planning process etc leh exciting times 🤣

I’ll be taking photos from my IG stories so if you’ve alr seen this please bear with it haha. I wanted to write it down because this can serve as a (long ass) review for Country Concept too, and it wouldn’t disappear like IG stories!

Anyway, so basically after 3 years, the rubber on the wheels started to come off as seen in the photo!

It was getting super hard to open and close the doors, as I have to practically lift the door to move them (which I usually just ask ET to help me with lol)

Initially I asked my dad to help me replace them, because it seems like a pretty ok job to do. Except that I have to clear EVERYTHING from my craft closet so the whole closet can be flipped!

My dad told me he might get a bigger wheel, but that might affect the height of the closet etc and he was asking if that would be a problem - silly me thought that the wheel needed to be an exact measurement or smth and didn’t think it was JUST the height, so I decided to WhatsApp and consulted Field.

Field then told me he will change the wheel for me instead, and I was like 🤔 ok sure, since he knows what’s best for it! I just thought maybe he would be too busy especially now CNY is coming but he managed to squeeze time for it 😵

I managed to remove everything from the closet one day before they came over to fix the wheels, and holy shit I can’t believe how much things I have in my closet 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

The workers came and fixed my new BLUE wheels HAHA and omg I’ve forgotten how smooth wheels feels like :’)

I asked Field if we could get maybe another material for the wheels, but he said there IS another type of wheels which is nylon ones, BUT those will scratch the floor tiles etc and they’re not mine to scratch 🤣

Plus I might have to move the closet around (like how I moved it out from my room and working in living room now etc), and we don’t have time to get a proper mat or something for now anyway. Even if I do get a mat, how big must it be, etc?? What if we wanna move out??

It feels like I’d probably want to make the switch only when we kinda have our own place...so for now we’ll stick to rubber wheels! Field also got a better quality one apparently so hope it’d last longer - otherwise, I wouldn’t mind konmari-ing my stuff again after another 3 years tbh. It’s quite liberating to throw off some stuff that doesn’t spark joy (HAHA) and have more space for things that does 🥰

I am so grateful I got it changed even though it did take me like two days to get everything sorted out. No regrets though now I have so much space left in my closet 🤣

And I was finally cleaning things (like pastels stains) that I kept telling myself to do but didn’t obviously HAHAHA

Field asked me if there was anything I wanted to add, like shelves for the closet, or lights to be fixed (which my lovebird alr destroyed within the first month or so of me having the closet I think but I didn’t really needed it anyway)

So I casually mentioned that I was thinking of adding more dowels to have more space for washi tapes, but the “slots” at the shelves on the doors doesn’t really leave room for more dowels to be fitted in so it’s ok if it won’t work.

Here I was showing him the hole difference in the other shelves which is used to put an acrylic piece in so I can slot things inside.

It was definitely too tiny and I had no idea how he was gonna make it work 😵

I’m quite a night owl (or more like I can be if I want to) so when Field says he can come at night (like really late) I was like sureeeeeeee 🤣

And boy he really did come super late HAHAHAHA. I was more worried about him not getting enough sleep more than anything though cause I’m sure he’s neck deep in projects 😵 So I was feeling pretty bad about suddenly giving him another project to work on aiyo

And holy shit look at what he did!!! 😍

He put hooks on the closet, and so I can remove the dowels if I want THIS WAY!! Omg la what the heck super creative man!!

Plus the hooks he got etc is quite chio also and he told me he was thinking about those shops washi displays and I am so grateful because the dowels is damn chio ok and super nice to touch 😍

We decided to put 3 dowels on this side because we realised that the 2nd shelf would affect the closing of the closet because the washi would block the shelf in the other section!!

A diagram to see what I mean HAHA.

This is the kind of thing Field has to take note of, and it really shows he knows what he’s doing and has the skill to spot these little issues it might cause!

Especially when these are added and requested last minute, it’s amazing that he’s as excited as I am to make these changes with me 💕

Another video to show just how much shit I had in this craft closet LOL this closet has saved us so much space and the fact that I can close and hide the “organised mess” from ET makes me happy cause I know how much he hates mess 🤣

He likes “organised organisation” you see LOL

You know how people also say you should not eat/work on the bed you sleep in, so you have a different mindset when you’re on it?

It’s the same as this I feel. Having my work separated even though it was in my room, and an actual door to separate life vs work, it’s so much healthier than having everything all over the place.

I really have no regret getting this craft closet 💖

ANDDDDDDDD you know I’ve been hearing so much complains from people who are building their own craft closet from other carpenters in sg, or even buying from the “original” people who created these closets themselves...I honestly feel so darn lucky to be able to work with Field and get such a quality product that has lasted me so long and will go on to last even longer.

I honestly don’t really take care of my stuff well, and I choose convenience over “pretty” so when I bought a shelf that was a tad too big to fit almost 9 months ago (May 2018), I CUT my shelf in the craft closet BADLY just so it could fit LOL

There was a nail to prop the shelf up, and the fact that the shelf is still standing properly without that one more screw really shows the quality of the workmanship IMO

HAHAHAHHAA it was so bad la I couldn’t remove the nail here so I just left it there 🤣

When Field’s worker came to change the wheels few days back they were like “do you wanna take this out” AND I WAS LIKE CAN AH PLEASE DO IT HAHAHA 🤣 SO I FINALLY GOT IT OUT AFTER 9 MONTHS LMAO

I honestly think that the fact that after 3 whole years, other than the wheels (which is out of their control, it’s the nature of rubber especially with almost daily usage), my craft closet worked perfectly as it should without any issues.

It could hold the weight I casually dumped on it, and it served me well as a storage for my craft AND a workspace in a very tight room.

If this doesn’t proof that Field’s company has the workmanship and skills, idk what would.

I was very lucky to get the craft closet at a cheaper rate as I was the very first customer that requested it (3.3k)

DESPITE IT BEING THEIR FIRST TIME MAKING SUCH AN INTRICATE PIECE OF FURNITURE, the quality is still there and I really am truly amazed.

I asked Field if he thinks it’s undercharged, and he admittedly told me that yes it was. As with a lot of things, when it’s the first time you’re making smth, you usually will undercharge I feel.

But once he made the first one, the fact that that’s so much more things to think about while planning (doors has to be able to close TWO TIMES, light placement, weight limit etc), it makes sense to charge the right amount it’s worth. I would.

But even if he had told me it was gonna be 4k (which is the minimum he will charge now), I would still jump on it.

ESPECIALLY now with all the horror stories from other carpenters omg *shivers*

People are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a piece of sofa, yet complaining that this piece of art that is actually way more useful as a storage AND workspace.....it just doesn’t make sense to me.

If you know the value of having a craft closet, I don’t think you would try to ask for a cheaper rate etc. If you know, you know la and if someone wants me to make something while undermining the value of my art by trying to ask for a cheaper rate etc, I wouldn’t want to work with them either.

So I hope people who are interested in the craft closet would be able to see the quality of the workmanship Country Concept has, and please don’t try to ask for a cheaper rate because it is worth every single penny I can guarantee you.

It’s truly a piece of artwork, and the carpenters should be respected as such.

One of the reason why I want to write this post is also because there’s a really nasty one online and I was hoping this post would come up first instead of that. Field and Country Concept deserves better and I am willing to spend the time to write all these because I really appreciate all their workmanship and professionalism.

I personally dealt with Country Concept as a customer and I have no problem whatsoever, so I hope everyone who sees bad reviews to always try to think that there’s always two sides to the story.

If I have to build another craft closet and I want it to last a very very long time, I’ll definitely go to Country Concept again!

I’m planning to ask Field and see if he can help me build a paper drawer that can fit A1 sized papers actually HAHAHAA we’re gonna have a cat soon (my housemate’s) and I need to protect my papers LOL. (Ikea doesn’t have the size I want and if I’m gonna spend a lot of money on it I might as well customise it)

But we’ll see how it goes woop

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Sunday, 27 Jan 2019

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carlynlu That’s a very impressive craft closet! 😲

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doubleoxm @carlynlu omg sorry for the late reply, Dayre stopped sending me notifications 😭 BUT HEHE THANK YOU!!! 💖

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carlynlu @doubleoxm don’t worry! I also don’t have notifications haha!

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