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Sorry to scare anyone. My fringe was getting too long and I went for a trim last Saturday!

Not gonna do anything to my hair this year cuz resolution is save money. However I did spend $100 at the salon cuz Steve said if I buy gift card before 31/1 I can get 15% extra value. No expiry date to the card so why not. As long as I don't lose the card can already ma *nervous*

Had four fingers alone after salon visit cuz lao went to work. Got reminded how much I dislike four finger lol. I forgot la! It's too salty yet too sweet for me. Just too much ugh. Can't even finish half.

Tried to brave the Taka crowd but omg got bounced like a ping pong. Short ppl should be accompanied by a tall person. My tall person not ard boohoo.

I quickly left the atrium before my top fell off.

The top was very loose or maybe my shoulder just too narrow. Keep slipping off but I'm determined to wear it out at least once!!

Wearing this pair of jeans to death. My friend's hub saw this photo I sent to her and asked her is it I only have one pair of jeans. How rude to insult a shopaholic like that??? 😂

He saw me in the same jeans 3 times already. From Dec to now hahahaha

Finally met lao after his work and begged him to bring me to City Plaza to 办年货

This is where my fav pineapple tarts could be found. I only can share after I bought mine hahaha. #foodpossessiveness

I bought the pineapple tarts the last round after I tried at my friend's house. Auntie is my ex-colleagues' current colleague's mum. They raved about it so I tried and am sold. We bought all 4 types of goodies home this time!!! Auntie accepts cash only so if u wanna go buy, withdraw money first.

Finally tried R&B, recommended by debs. And man! It's good! 9.5/10 cuz I forgot if it tasted the same as 陳三薡 in tw which was my fav hehe.

CNY deco up up up! Sweat so much trying to stick these leh. Sunday was soooo hot. But I'm so amused by the 财神爷 scattering money and 元宝 cute die already.

Wanted to get a CNY plant to replace my Christmas tree in the corner. But then ytd couldn't find anything I like cuz I don't want soil in my hse. Meh.

Our staff lounge serves breakfast every morning and usually they are good! These french toast are not bad 😊 but so fattening leh. No wonder I grow so fat here hmmp

Hoarder at work. Not sure why I need so many drink containers. Still got one more longer thermal flask lol.

Day 22

Tuesday, 22 Jan 2019

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yellowildflower The CNY stickers are too cute!!

2 months ago

doooduuu (avatar)

doooduuu @yellowildflower hehe ya lor I regret not buying more!!

2 months ago

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