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Happy Valentine's Day!

We don't usually celebrate Vday so we don't feel heart pain that we are having steamboat at my mum's place today hahaha. Cny haven't over maaaa.

Yesterday was our 87th months together! Was telling ah lao we shld celebrate cuz we are both 87ers. But then I tabao mala home and doze off while watching TV together hahaha. Really is 老夫老妻了!

Forgot to mention. Above present from my colleague not my laogong lol.

It's drip coffee!

We seldom take photos nowadays but then recently I very scared one of us die then we not enough photos of ourselves to get the living one through our days. Does this make sense ah?

So here's one very posed photo of us this CNY. He was very cooperative even though I must have retook 100 times.

Totally gave up with 2nd day CNY posed pic cuz my cheeks very heavy. 🙄 And nope not pregnant yet. This CNY nobody dares to make comment abt my lack of pregnancy. Heng sia if not I can't guarantee I won't flip the tables along with the cny goodies.

Speaking abt unsolicited comment from ppl. I had one last year.

It wasn't even a photo I posted. I was just tagged in my friend's happy occasion. And I accept the tag cuz I'm happy for my friend.

It was this photo of me that led to an awkward convo with my ex-colleague from my first job. Which was like 10yrs ago.

He WhatsApp me to ask if I'm pregnant. I said nope. Then he said oh he thought I am cuz he saw this photo recently on my FB.

I'm like lol no la just fat la not pregnant.

Then he's like wa can don't like that? You were my Korean 女神 (??????????)

Idk what he means leh cuz I was so ugly last time somemore

So I replied lol married already happy ma. Can relax already. Need alot effort to be skinny one. (which is freaking true leh. I either don't eat or I exercise daily and eat very little to be able to be slim. Last time I could do that cuz I didn't like to eat and my hse don't have much food around. Now I have no lack of food but very lack of exercise hahaha)

Then he replied married also cannot let go la. Must be responsible to your husband.

I replied haha he doesn't mind la.

And the convo ended but in my mind I was like WTF DO YOU EVEN MEAN?!

U mean when I'm fat I don't deserve my husband's love anymore is it???

While I wanted to rage at him, I also felt guilty and sad for getting fat. 😤 So I lamely chose to quickly end convo instead.

I get it some ppl are insensitive. But to be taking that effort to WhatsApp then to insult me also too much hor? I told my lao, he very angry sia lol. He said none of that guy's business.

Ok I lost my train of thought hahaha. Very hard to post at work nowadays cuz keep got ppl talking to me.


Here's a photo of me at Deb's wedding. Hahaha

Did not intentionally part my hair in the center. The wind just made it happen.

It was a very beautiful and happy wedding. The food was damn good that I wanted seconds of the roasted beef but was too slow. Guess too many young ppl with ravenous hunger at the wedding. Old ppl like me slow movement can't get seconds lol! Not kidding abt the young ppl part leh cuz I really saw them piling their plates with so much food I need 3 days to finish leh.

So I'll end now. Bye!

Have a happy Valentine's Day! Need no one to validate you ok!

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Thursday, 14 Feb 2019

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happyhappy365 (avatar)

happyhappy365 ur ahlao tshirt v nice. (2nd photo)
u r still very chio.. ignore the guy

2 months ago

doooduuu (avatar)

doooduuu @happyhappy365 hahaha thank you!! his tshirt from Zara. one wear only got hole liao 🙄

2 months ago

clarainwonderland (avatar)

clarainwonderland I love your cny clothes!!😍

1 month ago

doooduuu (avatar)

doooduuu @clarainwonderland hehe thank you!

1 month ago

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