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Long time no vain post. 来一个呗

My #10yearschallenge is also a #10kgchallenge ok maybe not exactly 10 cuz my weight used to fluctuate between 40-43kg during different times of the month. Now I'm just a fat 50kg la. Shame myself before others can shame me hehehe.

Also I just wanna say I love my new huawei mate 20 pro camera. Made my legs look long and fair hahaha. My new phone has less than 10 photos cuz I haven't transfer over yet. This feels so weird 🤷

I can now use social media more frequently cuz I finally don't have to try so hard to save some battery when my phone is not being charged. Also can no need to keep my apps minimal cuz I ran out of space. I had to delete 80% of my pics and apps on my old phone just so it can function leh omg

I've mentioned that we are hoping for a pig baby in my last post. I've actually been to the obgyn last month for a check after monthsssss of trying.

From preliminary check it appears that my ovaries and uterus are healthy. Can see egg about to fall in the scan cuz my ovulation was near. I actually know whenever I ovulate. I'll have a one sided cramp and other signs la. Yet we still obviously did not succeed right.

Dr Kelly told me to call her clinic on the first day of my next menses so she can arrange for me to have my blood checked. Then day 5 of the menses to do a test to see if my fallopian tubes are blocked. Lao said to wait for another month and we try first till 1 yr mark. Which is basically ard Feb to March la. I agreed cuz see dr very ex hahahaha. And also there's risk of UTI after the procedure.

I bloody hate hate hate UTI.

And also after the recent U/S I gotten a UTI. 🙄 So annoying leh! Then I gotta take abx cuz it just can't go away and after taking I worried if I'm pregnant then meds affect baby how. But lucky (or not??) I didn't get pregnant la. This is so frustrating that I am afraid I'll slap any kaypoh relatives asking "U married so long why no baby" during CNY. But also good right? Forever banned from family CNY visiting then can save angbao money hor?

But if I pms then they ask then I cry then how? Also same outcome too paiseh to join in any family activities and escape every year CNY save angbao money hor? 😂

Anyway just trying my luck, anyone got any tried and tested sure tio methods wanna share with me huh? Hahahaha before I spend another $500 or more at the doctor?? Pray tell pray tell.

Day 16

Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

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wishyouluck (avatar)

wishyouluck More chio pixs = more updates hor?
No stress still got many months to try for pig baby 💪🏼

3 months ago

doooduuu (avatar)

doooduuu @wishyouluck hahahaha I hope got more things to update too? like pregnancy? hahahaha

3 months ago

lucidreams (avatar)

lucidreams This is Kelly Loi from paragon? My colleague recommended her too

3 months ago

doooduuu (avatar)

doooduuu @lucidreams yup! my close friend just gave birth also went to her. another uni friend also see her. she's very nice and comforting.

3 months ago

doooduuu (avatar)

doooduuu @lucidreams she moved her clinic to Mt E orchard though. idk and went to paragon and was late for appt hahaha

3 months ago

Eviee (avatar)

Eviee Wish you luck, luck and a lot of sex for baby pig. Jia you and all the best!

3 months ago

charleneheng (avatar)

charleneheng Lol @doooduuu u should have ask me pls.. Kèlly loi’s skills are so so only . I can recommend u better one .

3 months ago

Oohh_ (avatar)

Oohh_ Hello @doooduuu! Long time no read your updates! Jiayou for 🐷 baby!

3 months ago

doooduuu (avatar)

doooduuu @Eviee hahahaha thanks I'll jiayou

@charleneheng aiya I forgot la hahahaha ok morning then I text u

@Oohh_ hello I still got secretly read your updates hehehe are u jiayouing also?

3 months ago

Sunorchid (avatar)

Sunorchid Happy New Year!!!! All the best in 做人😉😂😘😘

3 months ago

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