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Being a mum does not make me less a makeup hoarder

April 2018

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#fotdHaving migraine fml. Well at least I look good having it wtf hahahahahah.3 minutes till I end work...which explains why I’m a bit cuckoo.

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I’ve started working out consistently for a month now. Even joined a gym.When I was reading back on my old Dayre’s post, I’ve worked out quite consistently almost every day. I was also pretty good at eating clean. Then I don’t know what happened I just stopped altogether.But recently thanks to my good neighbor, Li Yee, who got me into joining Woodbox Fitness (a gym near our place), I’ve got back into working out. Well I don’t work out every day at the gym lah. I attend work out classes twice

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I’m back...for now

Hey guys. I’m backkkkkk!!!I can’t say that I’m back for good but for now I’m back.Honestly life without using dayre is too difficult. I have so much to say but nowhere to let it all out. I mean I can do my Beauty posts or long posts in my main blog ( where I’ve been updating quite consistently recently) but for short momentary thoughts or life updates, I don’t know where to spill it out. IG stories are great for pics and videos. But wordy stuff just don’t work

February 2018

Btw for those who wants to continue to read posts by me, remember my url is...

Backing up and transporting all posts today. Not sure if I can do all posts but imma try. See you if the app is still running.

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Just finished class at the music center and I’m gonna rush home to teach my last student of the day.Today my student went home with a big smile and told him mum that he enjoyed class. This sort of thing is like an achievement to me coz when a student enjoy his/her class, it means that I’ve done something right ❤️I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve been struggling with teaching my this very young student (4 years old) since last year. I think it’s coz I’ve not been teaching young student for a

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