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shut up. laoniang is talking.

March 2018

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Im sure alot of you dont know how to register a company and rather get a runner to do it. Well well. I decided not to hire a runner which costs 600rm?? For sole proprietor or partnership and 2k for sdn bhd?So laoniang going to run through step by step for u here. So future kids dont b so dumb ya.

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Backlog valentine day. Husband brought me to chef at home for a 800g tomahowk steak.

February 2018

I have a 5 star vision but I work with 3 star minded fucks. So irritating. I gave clear instructions on how to handle the job but ya'll lazy as fuck and dont want to try new shit. Piss me off. How not to embarrass me right. Ffs. If u cant do it just say. Dont let me tell clients one thing n u all do another thing behind. If u have ur own mind then be your own boss. Fuck me. What shit players on my team. No one sides me fine. No one cares fine. I dont mind too.

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