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June 2018

Slight moral (?) dilemma.

Having a CCA camp in school.. possibly the harshest way to fall back into school life? The kids are sleeping now (well, at least, they are supposed to, or pretending to be), so I’m using the peace and quiet in the staff room to get some work done. Namely, setting my Prelim exam papers which are due for first round of vetting in 2 days. And then I have to prepare for the segment of Thursday’s department meeting that I’m leading. 😕

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All wedding related things are officially OVER!

Of all things to happen, my dying phone had to completely conk out on me last night as I was preparing to head home after a lengthy meeting with the restaurant where we’re holding our party tomorrow. I low key panicked because I am so dependent on Google maps it’s not even funny? But bless our very clear road signs, and I actually managed to find my way onto the AYE without making a single wrong turn or even finding myself in an unideal lane?

I am actually doing something quite #dayrebrides worthy today, and am getting pictures from a photoshoot I did (by my best friend who also happens to be the best professional photographer I know, unbiasedly) printed. We are doing a simple buffet dinner for friends and family this Saturday, and the restaurant texted us on Monday evening when we were in NZ saying they had to move our venue from the original rooftop we’d reserved to an indoor venue.

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