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January 2018

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we are engaged! 🎉

And so, the bf finally FINALLY proposed.

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Was randomly scrolling through Facebook when I saw this. The guy featured was my primary school classmate - we were in the same class from P1 to 4, and in spite of him being a typical naughty kid (and me the super guai one), we were actually friends.

Back from camp, YASSS! All things considering, it was a pretty good experience - the campsite was comfortable, food was decent, and weather was great (overcast, but didn’t rain until this afternoon when all our activities were completed). I also fell a little in love with my new form class - they are going to be a fun but challenging bunch! And I love eavesdropping on the conversations of my students, because the things they say are really damn funny sometimes!

I have to be up in 10 hours for school, but here I am, at the airport to pick up the bf (who is inexplicably stuck in his Ops room having to talk to someone after dropping off documents? I don’t mind la, at least now he realises some unexpected delays like random people ambushing you as you’re leaving are inevitable, so he won’t give me so much grief when he’s picking me up from school and has to wait a few extra minutes.)

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