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November 2018

7 days of marking down, 4 more to go.

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To hype myself up for my US road trip that’s happening end of the month (I. Just. Need. To. Get. Through. Ten. Days. Of. Marking), I bought the Kindle version of this book! 🤣

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As of today, for the next 2.5 weeks, I’m reporting to SEAB as an O level marker. This is simultaneously very siandiao (because I’d otherwise be able to leave school at noon on most days!) and very exciting (because I can finally glimpse into the secretive workings behind how they mark our kids’ work, which will make the teaching for exams part of our job so much less uncertain. Contrary to what people might think, we have very little to NO IDEA what Cambridge expects)

October 2018

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Wow. This was great, because no more excuse to lie in bed doing nothing, and it’s still very tiring! I was planning to do 2 rounds but gave up after the first because my midsection was so sore.

So.. the husband and I will be off to the West Coast of the US for 2.5 weeks at the end of the year, and we were just told the amazing news that unlike past years, we’d only need report to school after Christmas this year! Which means, finally, that we get an entire month off! (Btw, it’s been irking me a bit that a lot of people, including my own parents and in-laws, have been asking me ‘oh school hols starting next week?Means you no need to report anymore?’)

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