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August 2018

It’s 8am on a rainy Saturday morning.. and I am marking prelim papers. 😥The rain is lashing outside and the wind rattling the blinds, the promise of a hearty hawker breakfast in a while. Life is still good la.

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fractional laser + random fitness updates

Day 5 (?) after Fractional CO2, and my skin is itching like mad. I couldn’t sleep last night because of the itch and I kept getting distracted today during work because it was so itchy. I’ve also developed hive-like rashes on my face, very rough to the touch, very red (obviously) and very very upsetting!

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fractional CO2 - day 2

Joseph Conrad wrote of fascination of the abomination, and that about sums up my day so far. My skin is now no longer warm, only very very slightly itchy (OMG pls stay this way), but brown little scabs are starting to form, and it’s just very red / burnt in uneven patches.

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fractional CO2 - day 1

Sometime back (in April), I did the TCA Cross treatment, where concentrate acid is driven into deep ice-pick acne scars to stimulate the skin into repairing itself. I was left with a whole bunch of pigmentation spots (because my skin is very very very prone to pigmentation la), BUT over the months, it was very clear that my ice-pick scars were significantly raised, and most of them are now indistinguishable from the pores on my cheeks / forehead (which, admittedly, are huge, but not deep la)

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Achievement unlocked (?)

July 2018

plastic straws are not the problem

So I’ve been seeing more and more people proudly posting pictures of their new stainless steel straws, newly-minted eco-warriors ‘doing (their) part to save the environment and sea turtles’. And I know most of them mean well (plus can take picture for Instagram - win-win!), but really, we can do so much more in public education. Plastic straws are not the enemy, if anything, they’re just a convenient scapegoat.

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