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ZNIQUE Acne Serum (Redeem a Free Trial Kit!)

Hey guys!

If you’ve been a longtime reader, you’ve probably read a few of my review posts in the past. Tbh, i do them less often now because:

1) There are already many reviewers around who provide good and in depth reviews!

2) Reviewing takes time! I have to buy, test, then write about how it’s working for me. Nowadays, i really would rather spend the time doing something else.

3) I mostly stick to the same few tried and true products, so nothing new to reviewπŸ˜‚

I do occasionally (but rarely lah ok) get emails asking if i’m interested to review things but i always turn it down because tbh i am a little nobody, and i don’t think i’d be able to drive traffic to the brand’s website! It’s just not fair for the brands if they aren’t able to get their marketing dollar’s worth yknow?

They would be better off sending their products to someone else with a bigger following and get more attention for their products.

This collab with ZNIQUE started off the same way as well. My friend handles their marketing so i guess she must have suggested sending their media kit out to me. I was quite reluctant to accept their media kit at first because like i said, i don’t think i am good advertisement for them so sponsor me for what. But she insisted that the company would like to send it to me so i relented.

Anw i’m always open to trying new acne treatments and seeing if it works. #acnelife πŸ’πŸ»‍♀️

I received the cutest little kit from them.

Btw I ALWAYS get acne, especially right before the TOTM.

Some of you will remember from my old posts that i’m a fan of using tea tree oil to treat my pimples and acne patches to suck out the remaining gunk right? I personally prefer a more natural approach toward treating acne?

Like if your skin is already so sensitive, why would you use more chemical products on it? I think something natural like tea tree oil to kill the bacteria is good enough.

Right off the bat, one of the things i knew i liked about ZNIQUE’s acne serum is the fact that its formulated with natural ingredients like chamomile extract which calms and soothes, sage extract which is pore-reducing, and lanvender oil which is anti-microbial, regulates sebum and reduces scarring.

In fact, the serum smells very much like lavender with a hint of grassiness - v pleasant!

Typical ingredients like benzoyl peroxide (which i know my skin is allergic to, oxy10 cough) is excluded.

It has a very light and watery gel texture that when dried, forms a layer of protection on your pimple to act as a barrier against pollutants from your surroundings.

Although it is not greasy, it does leave a slightly shiny sheen on the skin when dried, so that’s something you might want to take note of if you plan to use it while you’re out at work or in school!

The biggest test however, is the test of efficacy!! If it doesn’t work then no point recommending it to you guys right?

I patiently waited (not that i had to wait long lol fml) for a pimple to appear so that i could put ZNIQUE’s acne serum to the test.

The lighting isn’t consistent but on the left is a very clear photo of a pimple at the tail of my brow.

The photo on the right was taken the NEXT MORNING😱

Yes, there’s still slight redness where the pimple was the night before, but the pus was completely gone and my skin was flat!

I was quite impressed by how quickly it worked. 😱

A few nights later, i had another pimple of the other end of my brow. Lol idky pimples love to hang out at the end of my brows. Got no pot of gold there ok!!! Scram!

I put on a layer of the gel before i slept and the next morning, it looked slightly less swollen. The pimple was still there, but i’m just glad it didn’t get worse πŸ˜‚

After trying it out on two separate occasions, i think i can safely say that it does work for my skin.

If you’re thinking of trying it out for yourself, you can actually redeem a free trial kit from http://www.zniquesg.com/.

You might just find your new fav acne treatment! I hope this post was helpful for those of you who struggle with #acne and are looking for a solution. 😊



There were some people who abused the free trials and redeemed multiple samples under different names so ZNIQUE has decided to charge a postage fee of 50 cents to ensure that the people redeeming the samples are serious about trying it out.

I know it’s not the most ideal situation, BUT the 50 cents will be deducted from your order when you convert to buying a full tube of serum.

Hopefully, those of you who wanted to try the serum still look forward to trying it? ☺️

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Friday, 21 Sep 2018

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myskin (avatar)

myskin OMG interesting definitely gonna sign up!! Thx for sharing (>‘.’)>v( ‘.’ )v

11 months ago

holadora (avatar)

holadora I read your post and immediately wanted to redeem the free trial kit but it was fully redeemed 😭

11 months ago

diagonalll (avatar)

diagonalll @myskin did you manage to get a set of the trial kit?

@holadora hey babe, i checked with ZNIQUE and they said they’ll be restocking the trial kits soon😊 will update when it’s back!

11 months ago

diagonalll (avatar)

diagonalll @holadora they’ve restocked the samples, but because they received multiple requests of samples from diff people to be mailed to the same address, they’re now charging 50c postage fee for it. The postage fee will be deducted from your order if you wish to purchase a tube of acne serum after trying the sample!

11 months ago

holadora (avatar)

holadora Thank you! @diagonalll 😊😊😊

11 months ago

huaiqiann (avatar)

huaiqiann Hi babe, may I check if u use it before or aft your moisturiser for best result? :)

10 months ago

diagonalll (avatar)

diagonalll @huaiqiann i use it after. It’s always the last step of my routine:)

10 months ago

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