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Wow it’s been since Nov that I posted something on Dayre!


Let’s see if I can do a Dec 2018 recap which tbh flew by in an instant.

December means Christmas and so it was the first time I had the chance to put up my own tree!

We didn’t get one last year since we just moved in.

So with my tree and baubles, off I went!

The Harry Potter fan in me hehe ✨✨

And I was so pleased with it!

It felt.. LIKE HOME 🏠✨

And my wreath came up too!

Christmas is always so special

So at night I had minimal lights and let the tree add as night light hehehe

Public garden was on and I happily went with a girlfriend and scored some good stuff which I love! Usually fatty with me under 30mins I’m done 😅

Got this done for my cousin upcoming wedding too, how cute right?

My sweetheart finishing Mindy and moving on to Reception next year! How time is flying ❤️ love her so much

One of the Friday’s we took off, and went on a walking trail which saw us at the Treetop Walk!

We conquered 10km by the end of it! And we all enjoyed it.haha old already man now wanna go all this rather than our younger days activities!

And so the parties began, this one was theme BRIGHT. Pass right?

Dinner with the fambam at Colony and they had a pretty setup then, hard to resist not snapping a pic and since I wore my new #oursecondnature dress hehe

Then on Christmas Eve the noisy girls came to our home! For steamboattttt 😛

Happy faces ✌🏻💕

And one more!

Love the group photo of us!

@ruthneedsmoney @imalittleteapot @mentalforpolish

And how the boys just clicked with each other which saw hilarious night of games and laughter

Next day was another group meet up on Christmas Day! My log cake hehe

Hi I’m with Rudolph (I think)

Oops pic got cut off, group photo! Hehe

And more gatherings 💕

And more ✨❤️

Then it was time to keep the treeeee, till Dec 2019! 🙁

NYE saw the two of us over a home cooked meal and then...


Our kind of quiet way ending the good year of 2018 ☺️

Just realise I haven posted pics of our home much now that we have moved in for a year or so. Should I do a post for #dayrehomes good times when we were renovating #desxjulscrib ? 😄

Day 12

Saturday, 12 Jan 2019

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