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A collection of memories 💭

August 2019

I began a new chapter of my life today!

Got our travel insurance, like finally. I’ve been dragging my feet on it because I just couldn’t seem to find the time to compare prices and what was offered for each differently priced plan. In the end, I just went with my usual. Better be safe than sorry just because we want to save a few bucks. If the claiming process sucks, it just ruins everything. Hopefully we don’t have to claim for anything 😂

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What makes me happy these days!

My little bubba smiling at me, calling, “Mama! Mama!”Tidying up Asher’s room.Going to the wet market and getting fresh produce!

Some retail therapy for mommy here?

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Whenever I’m folding Asher’s laundry, I can’t help but sniff each and every piece 😂 my dad caught me doing it and commented, “Aiyo! What you doing? Why you keep sniffing his laundry?”“Cause I like.” 😍

July 2019

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To the Wet Market I go 🐟 | Fantastic News 🌟

After a year of living on our own, I finally decided to explore the wet market in our neighborhood and was pleasantly surprised by how well stocked it was! Better than the supermarkets around here, if you asked me. I managed to get really snowy white cod fish for Asher! The auntie, upon knowing it was for my baby, went to the back to get out the uncut cod fish and sliced one with less bone for me!

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