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October 2018

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FINALLY ON MY TRIPI only came around to posting it now because i was contemplating if i should post anything about this trip, but since i want to log it i figured i should.Day 1 was pretty boring because it was A LOT OF TRAVELLING. Left house at 7am, reached the airport and flew off at 9.30am. Landed at 1pm local time to only (1) take a taxi for 45 minutes and (2) take another 4 hour bus ride to the destination.So naturally when i got to the hostel i didn’t feel like posting anything.

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So i succumbed and opened it today because i have a chance to go to the money changer tomorrow.I AM GOING TO THE PHILIPPINES!!Can’t pronounce the names of the places though.They’ve given a very comprehensive guide as to where to go, when to board the ferry, where to buy tickets as well as places to go and food to try.I’m now very excited for the trip, although it sounds like there will be a lot of travelling as i’m going to two places.

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It’s finally here!!I haven’t really had time to think about my trip because of work and all but now that it’s here it really feels much closer.Can’t decide if i should open it or not; but then again i’m weighing the benefits of knowing the destination in advance.My main concern is just how much money to change (but they seem to have that taken care of).Other than that... it seems like opening it at the airport (or a few hours before) seems like a better choice.#goanywhr

Starting off October... with an MC from the doctor.I hate this month.

September 2018

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Finally trying out anywhr because i thought the concept was pretty interesting except that it was a bit pricey (but hey, you’re paying for service).So i chose to go on a “getaway” for 5 days.It’s quite surprising how many people have not heard of this company considering that it’s been out for a while now? I’ll ask my friends if they’ve heard of anywhr and they’d be like:“What?”“Go where?”😂

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things you ask your dentist

...which someone else has probably already asked before you.I’ve been practicing for about a year plus or so now and from time to time i find that patients keep asking the same questions. Makes me want to just film a video of me answering those questions and play them for the next patient instead of answering the same questions repeatedly.It’s not that i don’t want to? It’s just... sometimes you just sigh inside a little because “i literally just told the patient before you the same thing”.

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