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June 2019

Hi there! Does anyone have a good hot yoga/vinyasa place to recommend? Thinking of picking up yoga and I could really use some recommendations!! Thank you! ❤️ #dayrefatties #exercise

May 2019

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I feel so tired and worn out every single day and it seems that I’m losing my motivation for everything. Terrible incident today also further proves to me how ugly the corporate world and people can be.

Just wondering do people actually utilise their skillsfuture credits? And if yes, what are some of the courses that are beneficial in today’s working society? Do you guys actually pick up something that’s related to your hobby or related to work? #thoughts #skillsfuture

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Note to self: to always remind myself this. To never be that stupid again, for always being a placemat for people’s insecurities. #neveragain.

April 2019

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I would love to know how do you girls use this set? A pump each and mix them together before applying on your face as they suggest OR one thin layer of the serum before waiting awhile and then applying the oil? Let me know!!! Thank you! #dayrebeauty

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