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Amateur mom for two little bundle of joys. 😀

July 2019

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Latepost of K first day of school on monday 😍😍😍

June 2019

MIA again from dayre cos i have been walking ard with zero energy and just soldier thru the day with the most i can. The culprit.. K. Her sleep has been at the worst stage now. It's worse than her newborn period cos back then at least i could carry her and hugged her to sleep. Now i just cannot. I cannot. I woke up with throbbing headache everyday and my joints are all sore cos of many acrobatic sleeping positions i have to do every night. I woke up every 30 mins to tend to her demands.

School holiday and no helper mean i am left alone to take care of the kids with no breaks in between. And the more time i spend with them, the more i realize how patient my first born is. He is actually a sensitive soul who until now refuses to watch even any movie or tv show that depict sadness, so i am amazed to see how patient and how understanding he is towards K. K is the one testing my limit daily.

Sometimes people stay in their toxic relationship or environment not because they are too afraid to get out. They just don't understand that what they are forced to accept and deal with is not normal, that what they are having is simply bullying (or in a worse case, emotional abuse). They are being told that they are the wrong party, that they are the crazy ones, that they shall (and MUST) change for other's pleasure. They don't realize how soul consuming and spirit crushing their condition are.

May 2019

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Happiest birthday to my one and only daughter 😍 I really want to write a long post to commemorate ur birthday but i am knackered now. It's been a crazy hectic week with all of the spring cleaning (i even do ur birthday decor last minute, but it turned out not bad right?)All i wish is for u to grow as healthy, as happy, as blessed as u could be. I know i said that u are the more challenging one (compared to ur brother), but i will never want to change u. Or hope that u'll be different.

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Time flies so fast, suddenly today u already had ur graduation concert. And u look like a big boy already here. So proud of u for doing so well and for doing ur very best to be a kind and gentle soul. Still cannot believe my luck to have u. 💕 Primary won't be easy and it will still be a very (very) long journey for u, but we'll take this journey together ok? Until one day u will be able to walk on ur own and u won't need me anymore.

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