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Amateur mom for two little bundle of joys. 😀

February 2019

Motherhood is a lonely journey..You take care of everyone, but nobody every really ask you how you are doing. How is your headache, do you have time to eat or what did you have for dinner, do you feel stuck at home, or just a simple.. how are you?

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Haven't logged in for a while after CNY cos, no surprise here, i was swamped with tiger mom school duties and i may have trapped myself into a very very wrong new interest 😂 That is.. indoor plants! And now soon as i logged in what is this abt dayre drama? I don't really understand the issue but i actually feel sad to see a community that used to be a warm and supportive one, grows to be one filled with drama and saga. I still wish it will always be one no matter what may come ahead of us

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Happy Chinese New Year!

January 2019

The Weaning Journey

@SleepySleeperson @christineshuy I used the old trick, applying lemon juice on the boobs 🤣😂 I used this with W too but different kid truly different reaction 😖

This is it! After more than 2.5 years, i finally weaned K off. 😫 Wish me luck!

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