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There’s so much beauty in a storm

March 2019

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I am typing these with one eye closed. My left eye hurts and I really want this pain to go away. It actually hurts more than when I broke my back four years ago.So I managed to survive Ghost Wife last night.I wanted to head to clinic instead but I didn't want to waste my money lol so I tried to put up with the pain throughout the whole movie. I was sniffling so much, I bet people in the theatre was wondering why am I crying over a horror movie

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Sniffling, constantly having a tissue over my eye, looking like I am going through a break up when in actual fact, my left eye hurts and it won't stop tearingI accidentally poked my eye at work today with a fucking price tag while flipping a t-shirt. I think I hurt my eye because it stings every now and then and it burns when I put eye-mo... I am trying to bear with the pain while waiting for Amirul right now.I can't even look up for long lol fml

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I appreciate you.I appreciate you holding my hands two and a half years ago while I struggle to find what I deserve. You constantly reminded me to never look back and respected me still when I had to choose between you and reliving an old chapterI appreciate you sharing the things you love with me. The music you listen to, the shows and movies you remember every line to, the one dream you made me promise under the moon to never tell anyone about. I still keep that secret safe between us.

I dreamt Amirul died last night...It felt so real and it hurt. I woke up with my pillow wet, because I was crying in my sleep. I don't exactly remember how the dream went but I remember feeling rather off. Then someone called me and told me that my boyfriend met with an accident and they couldn't save him. Then I cried even harder when I watch people lower his body into the graveThen I woke up and continued crying

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There's so much beauty in a storm

I cried in the train while on my way to work the other day. Instagram reminded me how different everything was four years ago. I put my parents through hell and back, I was emotionally unstable and I doubted life, a lot

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