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There’s so much beauty in a storm

January 2019

"Was there at any point where you needed him, but he wasn't there?"Never. He was always there, he has always been. I just stopped needing him. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. I say distance makes me okay with being alone and it changed me. For the better or worst, you may ask? I don't know to be honest

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Zee is dumb, ep 1

I lost my phone at work and I was so sure that it was stolen. When I realised it was gone, I had to constantly chant "Don't panic don't panic don't panic" to calm myself downIt didn't worked because I ended up having a panic attack and cried anyway. I wanted to call someone but I didn't know anyone's number. I am very bad at memorising numbers. The only numbers I memorise are my house's phone number, my grandmother's and my aunt's

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I love you and your double chin

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I never thought I would have to start functioning this early ever again ever since I gave up doing programmes but here I am, making my way to Sports Hub on my off day because my Managers decided to have a meeting there.

You don’t miss the person, you just miss how you were loved differentlyI think what hurts me the most is thinking that this time it would be different. Believing that if I put in the same effort, I would no longer have to beg like before. Who would’ve known, here I am, feeling exactly the same pain that I felt three years ago.Why didn’t I see this coming?

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