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our colourful dinner

Home Cook | 家常便饭
Looking forward to the coming school holiday for a short break. Tonight we are having Steamed Chicken with a bottle of chicken Essence, Assorted Fish Cake and Stir-fry Celery with black fungus and carrot plus mixed grains rice cook purple with sweet potato.

Love this simple and yet delicious steamed chicken with chicken Essence. To prepare just marinate chicken pieces with some cooking wine, salt (or light soy sauce) + freshly grated ginger juice for at least 30 minutes or a couple of hours in the fridge.

Remove at least 15 minutes before cooking time. Top with some red dates, goji berry, a tbsp of glutinous rice wine and a bottle of chicken essence of your choice.

Steamed for 20-30 minutes till meat is cooked and tender. Serve immediately

This one my boy favourite dish; pan-fried cod fillet (lightly marinated with pinch of salt and cooking wine then coat with cornstarch) till golden brown.

Before serving add in some spring onion and drizzle of 1 tbsp teriyaki sauce and splash of water. Simmer on medium heat for 30 seconds, dish and serve.

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Tuesday, 7 Mar 2017

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Starrymum Hi, can I know wat brand of teriyaki sauce is delicious?

1 year ago

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