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[recipe] Camouflage Pound Cake

Homebake | Camouflage Pound Cake
Made this camouflage pound cake this morning for our afternoon tea. Since I cannot decide which flavour to bake, I combined all into one so that I get to eat everything in a slice

Love to pair this warm buttery cake with a cup of freshly brew coffee where the boy had it with iced cold milk

Love the tone of this pound cake. Now I can have all my Favourite cakes in one bite 😉

Ingredients: (10x4x2.5" loaf pan)
185g unsalted butter
200g caster sugar
3 eggs (55g each)
1 tsp vanilla extract
230g self raising flour
150ml milk

Camouflage Batter
1 tbsp Dutch processed cocoa powder
1 tbsp matcha powder
1 tsp bamboo charcoal powder

- charcoal powder can be replaced with 1 tbsp black sesame powder or black food colouring

1. Cream butter and sugar till pale and creamy then add in vanilla extract and beat in one egg and a time till combined.

2. Fold in sieved flour with 100ml of milk alternatively in 2 batches.

3. Divide batter into 4 equal portions. Stir in matcha, cocoa and charcoal powder with the remaining milk to make 3 different flavour batter.

4. Drop spoons of the Colour batter alternately into greased and floured loaf pan. Drop the pan on table TOP 2 times to smooth the batter.

6. Baked in preheated 180 degree oven for about 40 minutes or until a skewer inserted in the center and comes out clean.

7. Stand in pan for 10 mins, remove and cool on wire rack.

Packed some to share with sis and her family too 😬

Soup for tonight is 六味淮山鸡汤. I replace the dried huaishan in the pre-packed herbs into fresh one which I get from the supermarket.

Homecook | #家常菜便当系列
Mid-week dinner comes with lean meat cook in the way (stir-fry lean meat with black fungus and pork cutlet), potato sausage in tomato sauce, pan-fry kee fish plus lok mei tong cook with huai shan and chicken (六味淮山鸡汤) serve with mixed grains rice.

@calliee this is the fresh huai shan from ntuc. It's pretty cheap compared to those from Japan. Both are good for making soup.

This one pretty easy, just get:

1 pre-packed 六味汤料
400g fresh huai shan
2-3 chicken legs
Some red dates and goji berry

Super love the soup of day. Very flavoursome with hint of sweetness and nutty taste from fox nuts and lotus seeds

1. Blanch chicken, rinse and set aside.

2. Bring 1.2L water to boil, add everything except huaishan. Bring to boil and simmer 10 minutes before adding huai shan and some red dates.

3. Continue to simmer for 30 minutes. Season to taste and add in goji berries.

My boy's favourite sausage potato in tomato!

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Wednesday, 14 Jun 2017

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mikeannz (avatar)

mikeannz I have cakes overload at home now but still drooling over yours. So pretty!!!

11 months ago

garderlespoir (avatar)

garderlespoir Are you able to share the recipe of your cake? :D

11 months ago

theokaygirl (avatar)

theokaygirl I love your soup!

11 months ago

jyfc76 (avatar)

jyfc76 yay, i would like d pound cake recipe too 😀

11 months ago

calliee (avatar)

calliee @cuisineparadise i found huai shan from ntuc.. like finally! Followed ur recipe posted previously and the soup tastes great 👍🏻

11 months ago

cuisineparadise (avatar)

cuisineparadise @jyfc76 @garderlespoir the recipe is available above le 😉

11 months ago

jyfc76 (avatar)

jyfc76 😂 read too fast

11 months ago

janhuang (avatar)

janhuang hi can share the huai Shan chicken soup Recipe pls :)

11 months ago

cuisineparadise (avatar)

cuisineparadise Hi @janhuang I have update the recipe above. Do check it out 😉

11 months ago

janhuang (avatar)

janhuang @cuisineparadise okie thanks so much :)

11 months ago

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