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[ recipe] steamed tofu with minced meat & salted egg yolk

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铃铃铃... 开饭了!大家吃饱了吗?
Another day another meal, tonight we are having tomato egg, steamed tofu with minced meat & salted egg, teriyaki salmon and mixed grains rice
Enjoy your dinner and let's look forward to weekend soon.

My favourite steamed tofu with minced meat and salted egg yolk. Pretty simple to prepare;

1 box silken tofu
150g minced meat
1 salted egg yolk, quarter
1 fresh shittake / brown button Mushroom
some chopped spring onion
some goji berries

1. Marinate minced meat with 1/2 tsp each of cooking wine, light soy sauce, sesame oil and ginger juice plus 1/4 tsp chicken powder, dash of pepper and cornstarch for 15 minutes.

Add in chopped spring onion and mushroom if using

2. Cut the tofu length wise into half. Spread minced meat on the surface, TOP with salted egg yolk and steamed over medium heat for 5 minutes.

3. Remove the cover sprinkle some goji berries on the meat. Then drizzle some soy sauce mixture over it.

Soy sauce mixture:
1/2 tsp sesame oil
1 tbsp light soy sauce
2 tbsp of the steamed tofu water

Ah boy must have teriyaki salmon!

Day 166

Thursday, 15 Jun 2017

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mikeannz (avatar)

mikeannz whoa your tofu dish is a must try dish for me!!! yummmz

11 months ago

theokaygirl (avatar)

theokaygirl 不好意思,可以问你一个问题吗?譬如如果我们用骨煲汤,都会过水。但好像蒸肉碎呢?不需要吗?

11 months ago

shangjia (avatar)

shangjia @cuisineparadise hey how do you cook the teriyaki salmon please?

10 months ago

cuisineparadise (avatar)

cuisineparadise @theokaygirl 对不起没有看到你的留言☺️。肉碎我通常没有洗或过水,直接用就可以了

10 months ago

cuisineparadise (avatar)

cuisineparadise @shangjia you can either use the whole piece salmon or cut it into 2" wide strips. Preheat the pan with drizzle of oil, using kitchen paper tower pat dry salmon then season with freshly ground black pepper and salt then add into pan. Cook on medium heat 2 mins each side or until cooked then lower heat and drizzle teriyaki sauce over it.

10 months ago

shangjia (avatar)

shangjia @cuisineparadise oh thank You!

10 months ago

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