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March 2019

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Sorry, but I’ve got a super unpopular opinion with regards to something..And that is,

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Bob haven’t been moving much these couple of days.. and I’m worried. But to be honest, I can’t even feel like I love this ‘thing’ that is growing in me. True that I grew him, but I haven’t even met him and I currently have no feelings leh?! And I’ve stopped taking all prenatal vitamins since 2 weeks back cos they make me so unwell.

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Eh that’s quite true! Why animals give birth like so effortless. But humans go through like different stages of hell.

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Went to the baby fair at EXPO just now! Woah, is it reality really hitting?!

February 2019

I think living with my in-laws have made me very upset and depressed. It’s like this feeling triple-fold and resurfaced. The max I can probably see them and not feel pissed is maybe once a week HAHA. But, how to...I freakin live with them. I NEED MY HOUSE TO BE HERE NOW.

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Happy Valentines’ Day to all! To me and us, it’s just another day. But the husband did ask me what do I feel like eating though. I told him no need lah. My tastebuds are all wonky now. Whatever I used to like, I hate now.

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