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August 2019

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Feeding under the sun sia. #dayremummies How do you determine if baby is colicky? I kept having the feeling that Bob *might* have colic because he seems uncomfortable enough to not be able to fall asleep at night. But his cries are kinda intermittent, not long wails or anything.

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Ugh. Seriously non-stop hits.

Double standard and two faced you-know-who. Oh gosh. It is NOW in this very moment that I suddenly 💡 and realized how disgusting she can be.

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I love it when you look so derpy 😂On greater news, Bob finally cleared his jaundice! Thank god, really. But the next challenge would be his umbilical cord. We were being referred to kkh to check on his umbilical cord and I have no idea if he requires any surgery to correct it.

Sleep is for the weak

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