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Life as a Army Girlfriend.

October 2018

i think about everything, i settle for less than what i deserved, and all people think is i’m out to take them for granted, suck their assets clean and shits. seriously?

September 2018

i need help. i’m hungry all the time. why do ppl act like the problem lies with me. It’s not me. I didn’t want it too. But what can i do? I’m so pissed and annoyed with myself. And i have to deal with this alone. Because nobody understands and nobody puts themselves in my shoe. Maybe i should stop troubling people. I’ll just starve myself to sleep. Since i always ended up wasting food even when i have food. Waste of money.

sometimes i wonder... if you’re truly indeed genuinely happy? because somehow i feel like you aren’t. kind of really hate those small little actions that constantly made me feel like you’re hiding something even though you stress so much that you’re not. it’s the action. not words.

maybe because i wasn’t enough.

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feels so good to have you by my side again. My home is here, i finally slept well for the night.

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it’s 1.08am now! spent the past 1&a half hour house downstairs talking to my brother about my dog, my family and many things. He even asked about you where you go and stuffs, and tell me about his friends experience. His female friend went for ranger course and passed the second time! Jiayou baobei hehe. I miss you so much. I hope time will pass faster so i get to see you soon! Shall hit the sack in just awhile. Love!

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