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February 2019

Love it whenever she swirls her tongue around the tip of my dick before going for the deep throat #r21

January 2019

The sight of ladies in tight business attire makes my dick so fucking hard... Truth to be told, I always wonder how does it feel like to have sex in the office. Probably one of the reason why I look forward to enter the work force hehe. I want my female colleagues to be hiding underneath my desk and blow me while I’m pretending to do work. How about laying her down on the conference table and have her legs widely spread just so I can eat her up? Yumz 😋 Can’t help it, I’m too horny hehhh #r21

Matched this girl on tinder two weeks ago and we finally had sex last night. It was all good until she texted me this morning saying that my dick wasn’t her ideal type of dick, probably a nicer way of saying “your dick is not good enough to satisfy me” and told me we should stop meeting. But guess who just dropped me a text asking if I’m free to go over to her place tonight to chill as her parents will be out of town? Idk, I’m so confused. Am I supposed to be there or nah?

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