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July 2019

Sometimes I feel hubby's love for the baby or the pregnant me isnt strong or enough for what I thought it should be. At times, it feels like Im the one who put 101% into this baby whereas hubby is jz 70%For instance:1) ive read about hubby who massages the wife's feet like maybe every alternate day or willingly offer to massage at any point. For me, I have to request hubby and out of the 10 requests, I get maybe 6times he massaged me. Other times, he will say he is tired etc.

37w todayWent for gynae checkup along with CTG (not that I feel anything) but seems like it is my gynae's protocol so better just follow through. Baby's heartbeat has been good and there was 1 tiny contraction at the end of the 20min session.Then we proceed to see gynae and he measured baby. He keeps saying baby is very active - mouth moving to drink amniotic water etc. So we've decided to schedule for delivery on next week Friday. But we will see gynae again next week to finalise.

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Anyone knows what is this? It develops on my belly recently with red patches. I also have a few stretch marks at the bottom belly. Could the red patches due to heat cz ive been feeling hot and perspiring all the time. And i jz saw some red patches on my boob as well. It isnt as itchy as stretch marks tho

36w and 2daysI was doing fine till I read a post that the baby was born but lived for 8days under icu and then he left. Im not sure what was the cause but that is great enough to make me worry. I keep telling baby pls bake longer at least after wk37 but even better till wk39. I cant wait to meet him yet I wish he stays in longer to get all the nutrient he needs but at the same time worry if he is fine inside

Would like to ask, is doing CTG scan at wk37+0 normal? My gynae asked me to do CTG at wk37 but it seems like it is not common cz my friend didnt do it and some that I read only do it at wk38 or 39?

June 2019

Lil one is 34w and 3days. Sometimes I got busy with work that I forgotten about him. Im trying to be more alert and be aware of his movement. Im just paranoid. Guess I will continue to be paranoid till I see doctor this weekend in hope that dr says everything is still fine. Then I shall wait for another 2 wks for the next scan. Bb pls stay strong and healthy and pls stay on till wk 38 at least ok. Sometimes other mummies said they felt hiccups but I only can tell movements. Dont know.what itis

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