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Pray for a stronger mind, pray for a better health

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Rise and shine ☀I started my holiday last weekend. Had a much happy relaxing time with the family.Yesterday my nephew said 'I do not read books.' LOL so cute, can you not? I do not believe in school education (although I know, I know... I am in a traditional field that relies on school education). I believe in being street smart and critical thinking. I would rather a child spends time analysing how to make a killer move in chess, than how to be a top student at school.

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Bitcoin is bubbling (again!) woo hoo

PSA: Do not chase the bubble.For those of you who bought BTC at the last bubble, now is your chance to let go (and at least get back your capital).

Happy fathers day to all(A day late, but nothing is too late in life :))

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More than all the lip gloss that I have ever owned.

May 2019

Feeling really sick and tummy ache now because I am anxious :(

Happy Mothers Day to all lovely mothers around the world.

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