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Pray for a stronger mind, pray for a better health

November 2018

Two exams and an oral presentation in a month.So excited! (I am being sarcastic obviously)

Where can I buy prescription goggles for children in Malaysia/ Singapore?Online websites doable too!Thanks, peeps!

October 2018

Sore throat and cough day 8.

The current situation:1. Sleepless night the past two days because I was woken up by my cough. 2. Left home and on the train en route to somewhere very far. 3. Left my wallet at home!4. Just messaged a friend's friend (whom I have never met before but is also heading to the same place later), to borrow some cash when we meet.This is so embarrassing.5. Was going to get some cough medication at the pharmacist but no wallet with me.

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The no appetite meal because I am down with a viral infection.

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