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August 2019

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Tools to eat shelled seafood. Before I became a vegetarian, I was a hardcore seafood lover. I would set aside money for lobsters hahahha.I also bought these tools to assist me in getting to the flesh.Memories remain as memories :)

IPL pain is synonym to refractive surgery pain. You know it hurts, but you still want to do it LOL.Okay, I exaggerated IPL pain. Surely pain from refractive surgery is much worse ++++.

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In two days time, it marked my four weeks no rice diet.I used to be someone who has rice daily. I would have one kilogramme of rice in a week. I know how much I ate, because I cook my own dishes.I started off this project out of curiosity to see if it really helps to lose weight and as a challenge for myself. It made me feel more empowered, as I have stronger grip of my will power.Does a no rice diet really help to lose weight?Yes. In my case, I did not lose any weight though. I compensate

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IPL :)

IPL is so tolerable now lol. It is so weird that I struggled with every single shot initially. Now I just shot shot shot like nothing is going on and then apply my sunblock. Easy peasey.


Whats with this #womancost? But lets see how much I spend on it lol. Monthly expenses...Hair rm7.50Because hair cut thrice a year and each hair cut is about rm25- 30Facial rm50No professional facial sessions because lao niang cannot afford it. So I use lots of face masks and daily lotion face masks.(I dont include skin care lo hor because men also need to use skin care mah, so not really #womancost lo)Okay I am not sure why I preferred to write in broken english today, but sibeh

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