Connie Hoo (avatar)
updated 1 month ago

Ive the best CL.. even after she left . She still text me asking me how i coping and advise me on how to take care of baby.

Im exhausted. I havr no mother's instinct or love to take care of little one... 😭😭

He didnt sleep the whole morning.. and i think im doing all the things wrong. Sigh.


Auntie also grilled chicken for me.. tbh shes really v good. Plus the day that she suppose to leave at 12pm but i had an adhore errand to run and she didnt mind.

And before she left.. she washed every things even her own bedsheet that she slept on. If theres ever a 2nd one next time.... i will def hire her again.

Finally 1 mth young.. this parenting journey is gonna be a long one.. with all the milestones achieve slowly..

I wouldnt say i love him 100% right now but i guess as many ppl say.. the instinct will come... eventually...


Random photos of Luke.. as i rarely uploaded any of his... i hope you dont hate mama for tt 😉

In his car seat.

Day 47

Saturday, 16 Feb 2019

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ijustwantmysanity (avatar)

ijustwantmysanity his hairrrr omgg so cute

1 month ago

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