Connie Hoo (avatar)
updated 1 month ago

pumping and burping sesh

I got lazy.. the last feed was 9pm and i dragged the pump at 4.30am.. one day im gonna "pay" the price


Second last day 😞

I always find burping the baby a chore.. maybe im impatient.. sigh.


This helps to rid the wind? So i can "burp" less?? Haha.

Gonna buy this and try. Usually i latch baby to sleep and when i wanted to burp him.. hes alrdy in deep sleep. And if i burp him between his feed, he will be awaken by me. Anyone has tip for this?


Day 42

Monday, 11 Feb 2019

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3rdteen (avatar)

3rdteen I don’t think you shd burp him in his sleep babe. Cos he’s sleeping so burping him in his slp is definitely gonna wake him.
You shd burp him aft his feed. Sometimes it takes quite a while for them to burp aft their feed but for me, I’ll burp them until they burp it out.

And that one is for colic. I don’t rmb using it very often. Only when baby has colic/wind in tummy that makes them very uncomfortable then I’ll give that.

1 month ago

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