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✍️/🤳 during a slightly long commute

June 2019

Now that I’m faced with the prospect of actually having to think about planning for a wedding, I feel very overwhelmed and am going to do what I do best. Leave it until someone bothers me about it 🌚Where do I even start? I can’t even decide whether or have it here in the UK, in Malaysia or just fuck it all and elope to some Mediterranean country with A.One thing is for sure: Intimacy is key.

May 2019

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5 years in the making

How soon is too soon since the actual event took place to start posting about it 🙃

This has always been a bit of a running joke for me and anyone who knows me. I’ve always tried very hard to exude a very tough exterior simply because it felt like the necessary thing to do to protect myself from the outside world. I think I can come across as unfriendly at times, especially when I have headphones in (but tbh I’m just listening to something or the other and analysing it in my brain). As tough as I wish I was, the reality of it is the complete opposite.

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spring cleaning 🧹

One thing you don’t realise until you start doing it: how have we, as a couple, managed to hoard so much shit??? We’ve started clearing out the guest bedrooms (6 months after moving in wahey) in preparation for my family’s visit in July and so far we have learned we’ve somehow managed to hoard 183284292 bedsheets from god knows where, in different shapes and sizes, but all in the same boring beige.... HOW DID THAT HAPPEN.

April 2019

Highlight of my week: Seeing Jay Chou thanks to corporate box perks.

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Spent all Easter weekend doing this - oops. Also, following the adventures of my clumsy fool self, I did NOT get that upgrade on the plane. Instead, I was wheeled around in a wheelchair and managed to get through immigration in record time, teehee.

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