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flowers bloom even in the darkest of days

August 2019

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hello Wednesday, happy midweek! i managed to wake up earlier than usual today because i’ve been trying to wake up early so i have more time to prep in the morning and don’t always have to rush here n there n start the morning right πŸ€ͺlet’s see if i can continue this for the week and then imma treat myself LOL

hi monday, we meet again

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tattoo story πŸ€“

its finally friday what a trying week it has been. i just did my tattoo on monday and i get super paranoid about it and will scream in response when people accidentally touch it LOLso have been v careful about standing too close to people πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

i’ve been feeling soooooooooooo uninspired n unmotivated lately 😭😭😭 i just wanna lie in bed and sleep all day everydaybut reality calls work calls money calls responsibility calls debt calls school calls 😫😫

feeling so under the weather......

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