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June 2019

Finally booked an eyebrow embroidery appointment after contemplating for the longest time!!!I always get my brows groomed at Shu Uemura when I go back to KL once every two months. And I get so so tired of drawing my brows everyday especially for work cause I wake up at FOUR a.m. to get ready for work and ain’t nobody got time to slowly draw to make them look even 😐

March 2019

I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with me but I haven’t been in the best mood the past week. I’ve been so so emotional that each time my bf sleeps over, I’ll just randomly burst into tears.I’d like to think it’s partly cause of my job. After a year and a half working in my current job, I find myself losing my patience in dealing with people.

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February 2019

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I’ve been through this so many times before but it just doesn’t get any easier, does it? It’s been a good week back home for CNY and it just makes leaving home even harder. Also, this will be the longest I’ll ever be back cause I’m usually only back for 5 days.

January 2019

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Went to Eatbox @ Downtown East last night with S since it was so near to my place.It’s a small pop up food market by Artbox, but honestly nothing special. The food options aren’t that much.

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I really dislike night shifts cause it’s so draining 😭 I work from 6pm last night to 6am this morning and I came home and crashed till 3pm cause I was dead tired.I was supposed to meet S to visit his grandma at NUH at 4 but we ended up only reaching at 6pm cause I couldn’t wake up 🙃

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