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April 2019

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I used to believe that I was the ultimate Spice Girls fan, I even used them as a topic for one of my speeches in my Comm 3 class. But that was only until the time that they were still a group and the first time they launched their solo careers. After that, I never really followed the girls and their music anymore. I would see updates every now and then, but I think they were sounded better when they were together. Individually, they were all good artists, but their songs didn’t really have that

The other day, I’ve seen a number of posts on Facebook about depression. Turns out somebody took his life and this time, the guy was a (well) public figure - a TV reporter.The sad thing about it is that, no one really knew that he was going through something. And then, just yesterday, a 30minute video of this guy went viral. It was supposedly taken before he committed suicide. He talked about how he felt and what it was like to be depressed in the Philippines.

March 2019

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Ariana and Avril

Not a fan, not a hater.But I want to review this album based on whether I’d keep the song on my phone or not.1 - Imagine . Sounds like Ari’s just reading a book while rapping. there’s a whistle in the end (Delete)2 - needy - i love the line I can Be needy, but I don’t like the firetruck- like sound in the background (delete)

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Ohayo!!Siargao Blog is up on Wordpress:https://clebasemaj.wordpress.com/2019/03/06/siargao-2019/Unfortunately, I don’t know if there is a way to sync it with Dayre. I’m not a techie, so if you have some time to waste, go check it out. 🤣

February 2019

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on a day like today

There is nothing else to do. A stye, which has not visited my eye since 2013, came back this morning. I’m not going to do anything about it because the last time I went to the doctor to have it checked, he made a little cut to drain the pus out (sorry if you’re eating and you’re reading this); and it became so infected I wasn’t able to go to work for a week. I cannot take that risk again. I have an upcoming trip this V-day, and there is no way I am missing it.

January 2019

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Ah. How time flies. I am now stepping, no, sashaying to mid-thirties with nary a hint of fear and exhaustion. Gawd.It’s a fun ride. Last week, I was on the verge of depression, now I’m trying to be better and with all the things that are going around me, I realized that there are a lot of lessons that are to be learned; and mistakes to be made (lol). I should stop worrying.Having said that, I would list 10 things that I should either start doing this year

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