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joie de vivre ✨

April 2019

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Life is sad when you need to spend a perfectly rainy day like this in the library mugging.....and even more sad when you have to spend the most of your last 2 weeks in SG fretting over exams. I’m so sleepy!!!

March 2019

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THIS (and moreeeee) afraid of sleeping past my alarm tomorrow because nothing is worse than having to run to catch my shuttle/rush to school for a quiz during peak hours 🚵🏼‍♀️

February 2019

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TTR Sale

Saw this on IG stories the other day and made a mental note to head down to TTR this week before the sale ends. 20% off was too good to pass off since the best you can get is the 15% off online orders with a new account hehe 🌚 And also their recent launches have been so so nice too!

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