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Hi I am trying

June 2019

Just now I sat at the park in the night darkness looking at their photos repeating to myself ‘you are not gay’ and now I’m reading testimonies from ex-gaysYay me

I realised there are many things in life I don’t understand. Sometimes I feel so alone in this world and hopeless. How do I accept that my friends are gay? Especially when I have feelings for him. Especially when I thought he was perfect, I could build a life with him. All these are what I thought I get so emotionally attached to people and when they don’t turn out to be who I think they are, i get so upset. I don’t know what to do. I find myself always doing nice things for people (sometimes

April 2019

I am secretly depressed over the death of my father and my parents’ broken marriage. It has negatively affected my view of love and relationships and I am on this self destructive route on any man that shows any interest in me, helps me just for a small thing and I feel I can’t live without himI so so so wish I had a fatherly figure in my life

March 2019

I feel this wave of sadness again

February 2019

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preloved clothes or second hands

Saw this second hand clothes sale (preloved is such a euphemism) and the caption is really umm ‘this suits flat chested girls’? ‘I look v slutty with this?’ Flat chested carries a negative connotation right? Is it necessary to include these body labels does it garner you more sellers

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