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Would y’all come for a clothes swop?

HELLO FRIENDS I’m here to ask if you’d like my clothes hahaha.

I cleared out my closet because I’m still trying to find the minimalism in my life (and failing), and was all set to donate them to the Salvation Army. And then I thought… since I had so much fun writing the wardrobe swops, and you guys seem to like reading about them as well, would you guys be interested in adopting my clothes?

Honestly, I just want my clothes/shoes/accessories to go to a good home, there’s no point in them staying in my cupboard. A lot of them are still in very good condition, I just outgrew them (lol I gained a bit of weight) or they’re no longer my style, or just regret purchases.

(This pic was taken over a year ago so the wardrobe has since filled to the brim again)

So I’m thinking, if I were to have an ‘Adopt My Clothes’ day, would you guys bother to come? And of course if you have clothes that you want to give away, you can bring them along and we can do a clothes swop situation?

Something to clarify: I am NOT going to sell them or ask for payment from you guys. This is just because I feel like from a principles point of view, I do not feel comfortable asking users of the app I work for to give me money. I was going to donate the clothes anyway.

(Attempted selling clothes with my friends last year at Carouselland and it was pretty fun!)

So yes: just wanted to ask you guys if this is something that you’re interested in! If there’s a small group of us, we can order pizza and swop clothes and hang out hahaha.

Sizes wise I’m an 8 for tops and dresses, and a 10 for bottoms (although this depends on the cut). Height 1.66m and shoe size 37-38. BUT even if these aren’t your sizes, you’re welcome to come hang anyway!!! And I also have bags and necklaces OMG I REALLY GOT A LOT OF THINGS TO DECLUTTER HALP ME.

Please comment if you’d like to come, so at least I can have some idea of numbers/interest before figuring out the deets like location, date and time. And of course if you think this is the worst idea ever please also comment (and explain why lah so at least I know). I’d really like to meet more people in this community in person, so if I can do that and find homes for my clothes it’s really the best of both worlds haha.

Lemme know! 🥰


Yay thanks everyone for the enthusiastic responses to this! Okay let me have a think about the venue and date, but it’ll likely be late Sunday afternoon. Will keep you guys posted (:

About the mechanics, here’s what I have in mind:

Everyone is welcome – even if you don’t have clothes to swop. You can just come by and chill out!

We welcome clothes, bags, shoes, accessories (no earrings for hygiene purposes), as long as they are in good condition and can still be worn out without anyone giving you weird looks haha.

For those who are bringing items, let’s keep things flexible and it doesn’t need to be a one for one swop. For example, if person A likes B’s dress, B doesn’t HAVE to accept something that A is giving. Reason for this is because we have different sizes, and different styles – no need to force anyone to take something that they don’t really love. Of course if you do, then go for it!

So for those who are bringing items, what I’m envisaging is that we will lay them out (I’ll work out tables or something so don’t worry, not tossing anyone’s clothes on the floor), and then everyone can take a look to see if they would like to adopt items.

For any leftover items that are not adopted by the end of the day, we will bring everything to the Salvation Army so you don’t have to haul them back home. Basically, bring clothes that you were intending to donate anyway. Either a Dayrean adopts them, or we will bring them to the SA for you 💙

More details to come! I’ll send out an online RSVP form next week so we can figure out exact numbers (don’t wanna choose a venue that’s too smol/big) and you can state dietary preferences (halal/vegetarian/hates pizza with a burning passion). Feel free to bring your friends/family, as long as they have RSVPed.

Stay tuned! 💙

Day 142

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

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huiyingying (avatar)

huiyingying I'd be interested!! 🖐🏽

3 weeks ago

leniceyeo (avatar)

leniceyeo omg my sizes for tops, bottoms & shoes are the exact same as yours! would definitely be keen in clothes swap!!

3 weeks ago

janedoetherunner (avatar)

janedoetherunner I’ve always wondered if people really bought clothes from Salvation Army whenever I donated them. All the prints in your wardrobe.... 😻

3 weeks ago

pikachua (avatar)

pikachua Sounds great😊

3 weeks ago

mygrowingupdays (avatar)

mygrowingupdays Hi! Im interested :)

3 weeks ago

joyodoo (avatar)

joyodoo haha I wouldn't mind! I've got some clothes to get rid of as well 😅

3 weeks ago

wwonderwumeng (avatar)

wwonderwumeng @CheongHeiQueen is a jio

3 weeks ago

mhausjah (avatar)

mhausjah sure count me in, i have some clothes to give away too

3 weeks ago

quesitasita (avatar)

quesitasita I'm keen!

3 weeks ago

wxcwxc (avatar)

wxcwxc Im keen! Just packed my wardrobe over the wkends!!

3 weeks ago

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