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A few weeks ago I “itchy backside” ordered some white strawberry online. And delivery came. I never check my orders. Just left it outside in the balcony till I bought a pot for it. Then TH asked if they are winter hart (means don’t die in winter) then I went to check them up again in the website and realized that... hey it’s 4 plants and I only got 3.

Decided to email the customer service and asked.

And I got this f up cold shitting bad customer service reply.

Yeah german has the worst...

And won the worst company customer service award IMO.

Instead of apologizing... they said oh you are not satisfied with our delivery please send pictures etc. wtf.

At first i wasn’t even affected that they short change me.

And now I’m mad.

So I went to online to give them 1 star rating.

In German. I usually don’t reviews company but this company really pissed me off.

After that...

Guess who emailed me...

Day 70

Monday, 11 Mar 2019

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scarletide (avatar)

scarletide german customer service is the worst! once the person hang up on me while I was still talking 😠 imagine if this happened in sg

1 week ago

toothyfairy (avatar)

toothyfairy don't leave us hanging!

1 week ago

Country_life (avatar)

Country_life Oh dear, hope all sorted x

1 week ago

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