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@toothyfairy sorry I never reply..

Baldur emailed me. Apologizing.

I told TH the A& O of customer service is apologize first before saying anything.

How can you reply an email
Saying : “obviously” or
“It seems” you are not satisfied with our delivery.

Hallo... you short change me! And then say that I’m not happy with the service?

Obviously right???

She replied a lengthy email explaining that her colleague didn’t explain properly etc. Thus she would want to do good again.

1. Email asking if the delivery correct. Ordered 4 came 3.
Replied from Baldur asking which plant.

2. Replied stating the article no.
Replied from Baldur requesting to send picture. (Plants are already inside the soil and pot. How do you want me to photograph? I did want to send a picture of the pot to piss them off. And I didn’t. Coz I was sick)

I decided to ignore the email and gave an online review. Because they feeling they gave are that they are trying to waste my time? For a plant.

After the online review then come and Apple flavor... a bit too late right???

Anyway I don’t want another plant. Because it’s going to come with lots of packaging and boxes and etc and it’s really not worth for a plant.

And i was really pissed.

Plus in my head... I’m just someone who orders a bit of plants and why would they care. Thus the rude replies...

Happier note.

Big J has been reviving friendship book and I haven’t got the time to go get pictures printed.

Thus they have been sitting with me for some time. Then yesterday, Eddie came to me and said, he wants his book back.

Really funny boy. And I said sorry Eddie it’s finish and i haven’t got a foto for it.

Do you want a foto. I will bring back tomorrow ok.

The teachers were laughing!!!

Day 71

Tuesday, 12 Mar 2019

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