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Pack and flew and now we are in KL. My in law place. Going to move to our home the next few days.

The bedroom we are still in will be converted to the new bridal bedroom. So we get to move back to the other house.

This time the house is no longer 没人气 etc etc. whatever excuses my ILs used to say.

Which is also ok la. We are back for a month too.

The changes... after 5 years, my ILs’ ice has melted. I learnt and matured more as well.

Before arriving, BIL tip off to cease fire.

Some 姨妈姑姐/ 三八六婆 nag nag nag/ say say say after the received the biscuit after 过大礼, said their daughter was short changed. Because she has a PhD. Why never ask for more dowry?

Your wedding meh? Why so kepoy?

So my BIL was bombarded with these market aunties talk when my FIL sent him over so they can go to KLIA together.

Then caught red handed. My silly BIL broke down and told his parents about the commotion.

Then one leading to another, something small got real big.

Lao niang haven’t even complain that I was short changed. (Just kidding... sons also have already. Still say what rift? 😬😬😬)

So I explained to my in laws after dinner. The female side probably got brained wash.

And things just seems terrible. But it isn’t. And it’s just money.

Anyway, I think it’s settled now. And hopefully 安床 time would be ok.

Need to make them smile and chill somemore. Or else both face black black.

Can’t upload pictures.. so I’m lazy to repost already.

Have a good weekend!

We are back 3 days now. So far my FIL has not taken the cane out.

This round big J is eating better too. His food list has improved drastically. Any noodles he will eat. And lil J is eating very well anyway. (So to them he is the clever boy- my FIL words) coz he cooked porridge for him and he finishes them. I have no say. Inside got different grains and barley, carrots, meat and tomatoes.

Heng he eats or else I have to eat them.

Big J also more “sweet mouth”. Ah gong ah ma up and down.

They happy and no screaming kids, I’m ok.

Day 158

Friday, 7 Jun 2019

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littlemisshappygrumps (avatar)

littlemisshappygrumps i just click the retry button when they fail pic post.. try?

2 months ago

littlemisshappygrumps (avatar)

littlemisshappygrumps nvm i camp yr IG heheheh

2 months ago

clairosaur (avatar)

clairosaur @littlemisshappygrumps don’t work leh. See ig for pictures

2 months ago

toothyfairy (avatar)

toothyfairy drama drama! i am glad this time round KL trip is bearable

2 months ago

clairosaur (avatar)

clairosaur @toothyfairy nothing much. Use to it already I think. So I just hang around Cheras. And nua in the room

2 months ago

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