Clairosaur  (avatar)
updated 2 weeks ago

Isn’t this considered as mobbing?


And I’m supposed to teach my child to “be kind” while the nation mock at this girl who obviously thinks that she is entitled?

Public shaming is allowed ???


@tiazzi @olkgal get the boys to do also!!!

Day 34

Sunday, 3 Feb 2019

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Sunorchid (avatar)

Sunorchid Ikr? While I rolled my eyes at the incident of the girl but she really don’t deserved all the backlashes. They even found her name and took pics out of her FB. She has to delete her FB account. 😒

2 weeks ago

clairosaur (avatar)

clairosaur @Sunorchid the society seems to accept that. Which is actually very sad.

2 weeks ago

olkgal (avatar)

olkgal Did #snowface last year @olkgal:111217 hahaha.. was started by the dutch

2 weeks ago

clairosaur (avatar)

clairosaur @olkgal Wah yours is level up!!!

2 weeks ago

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