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Playing tourist in KL? Not really.

We are home most of the time. This week, we head down to KLCC with the MRT and met up with my cousin & family, who are in KL for vacation.

We visited the aquaria together.

TIP: don’t buy online tickets from the official website. It’s more expensive.

The aquarium is not that big but enough exhibits for the children to see.

The feeding time was the highlight of the whole trip.

After that we had Japanese food for lunch.


Because my cousin kids are like Big J. Super picky. So jap food is the only HIT with them all. Ramen it is.

So this restaurant at pavilion has “kids eat for free” (Max 2 portion only).

Guess who ate the free portion? The dads. 😩😩😩 coz the free one is char Siew rice.

We ordered like 4 sets of ramen, a plate of sashimi, karaage..

5 hungry kids (4 from cous and 1 from me) ate happily. Asking for 2 serving.

Then walk around before we bid farewell.

Then we pack our luggages again and move to the other house, which our “wedding bedroom” was.

My BIL is using the bedroom we are staying in as his “wedding bedroom”.

Coz the new bed and cupboards are coming in this week, thus we move over.

Went over to mop up the house, clean the cupboards and the toilets.

Big J: mama, i need to pee pee.

Me: Oh, use the toilet in the kitchen.

Big J: I use the one upstairs.

Me: why?

Big J: the toilet is bad.

Me: how come?

Big J: it’s broken.

Big J: it doesn’t have a toilet bowl.

Me: 😬😬😬🤦🏻‍♀️

#germankid hahahaha

That house is like my IL’s holiday house or rather their store house/ another garden.

It’s a proper functioning house. Typical corner lot malaysia house. Layout same as my grandparents’ house in JB. Quality super bad. Shower is from the hole in the wall.

The cleaning is horrible because there is lizard droppings everywhere. 😮😮😮 and cockroach’s eggs too.

When u live in cold country, you don’t have so much of this yucky stuffs. So I pity those in Asia. Coz I know I would go crazy.

I complained to TH, why the developer build such houses. The layout is so stupid. Toilet so small in the master. Then why such tiny sink? When I wash my face, water get splashed out. (I think only people who lived in such house, would understand what I’m saying).

Then the toilet roll is at the other corner... not where the toilet bowl is.

And the (original)shower head is at where the toilet bowl is. Means the toilet bowl will be wet. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Why so stupid?

TH replies was...

These houses are build at the bare minimum cost. After corruption etc.

So I told Th, if I am living in KL for good. I will tear down the house. 🤪🤪🤪

(Don’t let my FIL hears it)

For Big J, the garden (I call it jungle) is a paradise.

After the heavy rain yesterday, he went inside to catch snails.

He water the plants... (play with water) Selangor gives free water. Don’t know how many cbm.

Then harvesting the fruits and veggies...

And of course he said the bed is very comfy.

Our wedding bed is a king size. And last night was the second time we slept on it.

And the house was broken into after our wedding.

I am so scared that we are targeted again.

Couldn’t sleep the whole night. Setting up traps so that I can hear and wake up.

Telling TH, eh what’s police no. In Malaysia.

Then cutting him off. No need, I cannot speak Malay.

And I started googling around the area for food.

So everyday, we come back to the IL’s place for lunch and dinner.

And I between lunch to dinner, my stupid hub refuse to leave the house... so I’m nua-ing in the living room writing here while lil J naps.

Day 163

Wednesday, 12 Jun 2019

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littlemisshappygrumps (avatar)

littlemisshappygrumps squat toilet! hahaha getting rare these days liaos

2 months ago

clairosaur (avatar)

clairosaur @littlemisshappygrumps yes. Funny la... the reply.

2 months ago

tiazzi (avatar)

tiazzi my kids had an experience using the squat toilets. there was no other choice especially when you need to do the big one. "you better balance properly otherwise.... hahahahah".

2 months ago

clairosaur (avatar)

clairosaur @tiazzi big j is eee why the toilet so wet. So we have to go every single cubical to see which is less wet. 🤦🏻‍♀️

2 months ago

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