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Is your house safe?

Our holiday in Malaysia is slowly coming to an end.

Last Saturday was the wedding. And it ended with a bitter note.

When we came back home after the banquet at Noble house (phew, the food was good), the house was broken into.

We expected it. (After our wedding, the house was also broken into) But didn’t expect it to be so krass.

While the men (the drivers) open the house gate so that we can drive the cars inside.

TH came back to the car and said “the house is broken into”

“Lock the car” and he left.

So I sat inside with 2 sleeping children, waiting for the next instruction.

The men at home armed with stock went into the house to check in case the Burglars are still inside.

Me, typical Singaporean asked if they have called the police yet.

This is not Singapore. 🙄 was the answer I got.

The reason was, the last time when the house was broken into, my FIL informed the police and they asked if he has insurance. And if no, no need to make report.

So this time, he refused to call the police.

Jason (my sil hub) and I rolled our eyes.

Because it is pretty common in Malaysia, and that it’s expected, not much was stolen. Petty crime.

My new sil forgotten to keep her laptop and left her wallet and passport inside.

And that was the most valuable stuff stolen. And she had to report police because the passport is stolen.

List of rubbish the thieves stole: my power bank (I borrowed them to light their “bed side lamps”. BIL said it can jump start the motor. 😂😂😂

My sil’s laptop bag, back pack were stolen.

Jason’s present from BIL was stolen. Inside was ippudo ramen ( coz it’s from where they are in japan), a personalized tee, a prank catalogue of sex shops in japan which was wrapped in red wrapper.

Funnily, TH’s present was not stolen. But the red present was stolen. 🤦🏻‍♀️ so random.

My FIL even left 50 RM on the table so that they will not mess up the house if they can’t get anything.

Then yesterday after they made report at the police station, the police scolded my FIL for not reporting it earlier.

Day 175

Monday, 24 Jun 2019

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mrsergul (avatar)

mrsergul oh my. does this mean that when there is a wedding in the family the house will always get broken into???

2 months ago

olkgal (avatar)

olkgal We heard of robbers targeting houses when there are weddings or funerals cos they know house will confirm chop be empty. So we always get a friend’s son or someone to house sit.

2 months ago

littlemisshappygrumps (avatar)

littlemisshappygrumps lucky not much losses.... i guess... but walao its so terrible that they know which house got wedding or funeral and can aim that house!!

2 months ago

toothyfairy (avatar)

toothyfairy wah lau....why huh? why they are taking this as a common occurrence? even left RM50 for the burglar? Might as well tape the money on front door with a note to save the buglar's time

2 months ago

clairosaur (avatar)

clairosaur @mrsergul yea. It’s common.

1 month ago

tiazzi (avatar)

tiazzi if they know who to target, that means they've been scouting around. unfortunately, it's all too common there. my friend's house also kena. they were upstairs and the burglars were down. they just want money. let them take.

1 month ago

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