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July 2018

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Its always the eldest sister's house we go to for our monthly family gathering because my BIL never fails to whip up restaurant worthy dishes to fill our tummies. No, he is not a chef. It's just his interest.So my point is, it has been years (i think?) since i last stepped into 娘家! Dropped by today because mum wants me to clear my wardrobe that's been untouched since forever. We are talking about more than a decade here!Couldn't believe what i found because i have clean forgotten abt them!

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After our recent Phuket trip few weeks back, i can safely conclude that men are the more negligent parent. Dads are no doubt more involved in parenting in recent era, yes, but moms still put in more work and effort. However, I do believe there are dads who are as attentive but that's just the minority.This trip was planned one year ago by our friends and there was a total of 7-8 families (with and w/o kids) including ACEteam. I was initially not very keen on the idea of going to Phuket because

March 2018

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Have a Blessed Good Friday 🐣

小 rant before i sleep.One of the many reasons (other than privacy) why i wanted to stay on our own is because of hygiene. We all know kitchen gadgets have to be washed thoroughly with detergent to avoid cross contamination. Even for raw vegetables and/or sometimes fruits, right? MIL insisted that raw vegetables are ok and even more so for fruits to which i strongly disagree and had to spend 10 mins educating her.

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Why is it when in our 20s, some even earlier, we cannot wait to move out of our parent's home? Are they really that unbearable to stay with? To be honest, i was that angsty kid 20 years ago and i know exactly why. I wanted to quickly find a boyfriend/husband so i could get married and start my own family. And ended up making alot of wrong choices.

February 2018

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I don't care how hard being together is, nothing is worse than being apart.

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