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#DIAL of a helper-less Ciku

It's 9.47am.

And I thought... Whilst mopping the hall half way.

"Eh.. I should do a #DIAL on Dayre hor."


But here goes!

I missed out the first half of my morning routine though.

So just gonna do a quick recap.

I woke up at 530am to get ready to send James to school.

6am: woke James up to get ready.

Make his cup of Milo.
He changed, packed his bag.
I packed his recess food.

And Lucas woke up.
Hurriedly changed Lucas and brought him along to school.

The Fluffeh one slept with the husband in another room. So she was still in dreamland.

Bought some snacks for Lucas from the canteen.
Came back from school.
Switched on Baby Boss (his new favourite movie) and let him eat and watch.

Hubby and I decided to eat in for breakfast.

So I made half boiled eggs for Fluffeh (she loves half boiled egg), him and myself.

Then had my breakfast with a cup of no sugar coffee, which is still sitting on the dining table cos Lao Niang no time to finish drinking.

Packed the other two kiddo's bags for Day Care.

8am: Sent these two to school.

Which of cos I had to go through the daily grumble and cries from the Fluffeh one.

Lucas is very happy to go to school.

Dropped them off school.

Came home.
Put the dirty clothes into the washing machine.

Wiped off dust from the door cos my ex-helper dun do it.
And whatever else that she doesn't before I vacuumed downstairs and now mopping the floor.

OK.. Gotta continue mopping!


Done with downstairs.
Now heading up to tackle the rooms.

Yes yes...the rule of cleaning is to do upstairs before u do downstairs.

But my ah niang has got a show to catch at 10am.

So I gotta be more efficient with my time.


What happens when u trust ur helper to keep the house clean.



This is how much dust that we were all sleeping with. Including my ex-helper's room.

Sigh. It's sad that I had to discover inches of dust just 2 days after she left.

Dun tell me within 2 days the dust can accumulate to so much right?

I honestly dun expect her to pull everything out to clean every day la.
But at least once a fortnight or minimum la.. I give chance.. Once a month.

Oh well.. Guess things happen for a reason.

12.48pm: I'm finally done with cleaning upstairs.

Wah Lao.. 2.5hours to do wiping, re-arranging stuff, vacuum and mop.

And dun worry.. I didn't wash the dust and hair down the pipe. Used my hands to clean them all up before washing the toilet.

Now to clean myself up, have lunch then hang clothes!

Oooppss.. Changed of plans.

While waiting for James to shower.. I suddenly took out all his clothes to re-arrange.

Cos there's pants in every drawer. And shirt in every drawer.. And worst of all.. Pyjamas not matching.

I dun consider myself as super clean and neat but I get irritated when clothes are not placed in the same drawer.

Oh well.. Looks like lunch has got to wait.

There. Much better.


Done folding and re-arranging James's drawer.

Time to shower and eat!

My Ah Niang is the best!

2.21pm: LUNCH!


Washing dishes may seem like nothing to those of u who come home to an empty sink every day.

It is something.
It takes up at least 5 minutes every time.

Since it doesn't take up that much time.. Why dun u just wash ur own dishes leh? 😑😑😑😑

Just done with lunch while catching up on social media.

Gonna wash dishes.

Damn.. I'm so stupid.

Why on earth did I shower when I have clothes to hang, clothes and a vacuum cleaner to wash?

Sorry.. Mother Earth.
I just wasted water.

I shall try not to want to shower again later.


Wash clothes!


Done hand washing my clothes.
Cleaned the vacuum filter.

Hanged clothes to dry.


Time to arrange clothes into the wardrobe.

My Ah Niang did all the folding while watching TV.

Also cos of her I dun need to pick up the kids from school and worry about their meals.
Cos she more than happy to settle it for me.

Gonna miss her when she goes on her dunno how many months long holiday.

Ended up re-arranging Fluffeh's Pyjamas.


I think I side-track a lot when doing housework.

Like half way doing something.. .. "Oh.. This looks messy. Dun think it'll take long to arrange it. *attendstoit*"


5.50pm: Workout!

Brought my yoga mat along.

A good stretch is necessary after every workout.

What better way to stretch than yoga. 🙏

Time to towel down and change!

7.18pm: Getting some work done.

I wrote my first post on my new blog yesterday!

Hehe.. Must ambik chance promo.

Decided to start a new one, to "fill up" whatever time I have. Since I'm in between careers.

Head to..


Kam Sia!

830pm: Back on Mummy duties.


Lucas is finally asleep.

He's always the last to fall asleep.

Once the kids are with me, I won't get to update.

Cos they would all want my attention.
Either all at the same time or they would take turns.

Or they would throw tantrum.
Except for James but sometimes he also ki siao. He would sulk when he's asked to give in.

Tonight was one of those peaceful nights.

I came back.
The husband already showered Audrey and James.

My Ah Niang left some soup for me. So I drank it and washed the dishes that they left. #thanxbutnothanx

The husband brought Fluffeh upstairs cos she was bugging me to do a lot of things for her. And eventually, she fell asleep in another room.

Then I brought Lucas up to shower.

Freshened up myself.

Then James came to the room as I was changing Lucas.

Allowed them to play for a while and then lights off at 930pm.

James fell asleep almost immediately. He's quite good in that sense. He doesn't take long to fall asleep.

Lucas on the other hand, took almost an hour. 🙄🙄

There you go!

How it is like to be Ciku in a day!

Well, it's not every day I have to pull things out to wipe and clean.

But I would need to vacuum either upstairs or downstairs every day.

Laundry is done every day also.

I'm also trying to sort things out for our move.
Gotta open up boxes that we haven't touched since we moved from our previous place. 😱😰😝

Thanx for reading everyone!

It's time for wife duties!

Day 222

Thursday, 10 Aug 2017

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jolingx (avatar)

jolingx Ahhhh biasa la. Helper ma

1 year ago

beingee (avatar)

beingee what is DIAL?

1 year ago

sharongoh (avatar)

sharongoh Wah ur helper jialat le

1 year ago

kimberzilla (avatar)

kimberzilla I adore my part time cleaners but I still have to instruct them to clean certain places one. Sometimes people need to get told!

1 year ago

HweiChing (avatar)

HweiChing stop on dayre and eat lunch first ! :)

1 year ago

cikumuffin (avatar)

cikumuffin @HweiChing Yes Ma'am! 🙆

1 year ago

cikumuffin (avatar)

cikumuffin @jolingx sigh . that's true. But I've had part time helpers when we were in KL. Not so bad one leh. Sigh.

1 year ago

cikumuffin (avatar)

cikumuffin @beingee Day In A Life. Check out the posts that were under this hash tag.

1 year ago

cikumuffin (avatar)

cikumuffin @sharongoh sigh. I dunno la. Shall just forgive her since she's no longer with me d.

1 year ago

cikumuffin (avatar)

cikumuffin @kimberzilla sigh. I did tell her what to do but I guess my fault to have not checked on it and trust that she would? Oh well.. We just gotta be more diligent next time.

1 year ago

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