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To the queen of our hearts… Happy Mother’s Day! 💖

Flowers? ✔️ Gift? ✔️ Dinner reservation? ✔️
It’s the time of the year to pamper the most important lady in our lives!

Nope, we’re not talking about your girlfriend… we’re talking about mummy dearest this Mother’s Day! 👸🏻

Every year we commemorate and show our appreciation to our mothers for all the hard work they’ve put into bringing us up. Aside from planning a wonderful and “chore-free” day to give our mothers a break (though we feel we should be giving her a break everyday haha), we asked our Alphas to share with us their precious and most memorable moments they had with their mum! ✨

@automatiqhigh is thankful for her supportive mom! 👭

My mum has always been super supportive of my relationship with my fiancé. It's amazing how she loves him like her very own son. So when she agreed to come for his Passing Out Parade last year, I felt really, really touched. It actually means a lot to me. Sometimes we take our mother for granted but I hope everyone will think of them every night before they sleep and think about how they have done so much for us. 💭

@missgoob’s optimism comes from her mom! ☀️

Please ignore my horrible hair. 💁🏻

This photo was taken seven years ago, one day before Nya Nya had to undergo a major operation to remove a huge tumour under her skull. Despite the high risk and all her stress, she maintained a positive attitude and faced everything with so much courage & optimism. I learn a lot from Nya Nya every single day. She teaches me not only with words, but with her actions, how to be a brave, kind & loving woman. ❤️

@jocinaaa’s mum nurses her to the pink of health 🍎

Back when I was playing Netball, I would often be home with lots of bruises, cuts and wounds from trainings and matches. My mum actually bought first aid supplies when she saw that I always came home with blood stains and what not. I would always remember those times where she would sit me down on the sofa while she applied antiseptic, and she would remind me that although she's proud that I'm training hard for competitions, I have to remember to take care of my body as well ☺️

@brenwho enjoys the rare occasion of dressing up with her mum! 👗

Personally, I find it especially memorable during Chinese New Year because that's when my mother would dress up. She doesn't shop much, and would get pretty excited during the CNY period because that's when she can wear new dresses! She would shop almost two months in advance and then come home to show me her new outfit that she will be wearing for CNY. Simple moments like this are precious to me ☺️

Awww our hearts are full ❤️
What’s your most memorable moment you had with your mom? Since Mother’s Day is just tomorrow, we’ll love to hear your story! Tag us and spread the love 😉

Here’s wishing all mummies & mummies-to-be a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Thank you for your kindness, love & understanding through all these years 💖

Day 128

Saturday, 7 May 2016

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brenwho @missgoob share with us your secret on anti-aging please

2 years ago

missgoob (avatar)

missgoob @brenwho LOL!!! Are you saying I look damn old in the photo.. Eh give chance that was 7 years ago don't like that leh. I poly kid trying to be adult. 😆

2 years ago

brenwho (avatar)

brenwho @missgoob the you now and the you 7 years ago look same siaaaaa!!! Where did the 7 years go?!

2 years ago

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