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Celebrating World Animal Day!

We’re one day away from Friday πŸŽ‰ If you’re having a RUFF week, we hope this post will make your day!

As some of you might know, World Animal Day was celebrated last week and what better way for us to celebrate it than to feature our Alpha’s fur buddies! We asked our Alphas some questions about their #dayrepets so stay tuned if you’re an animal lover like us 😍

We know nothing cheers us up like a cute GIF or picture of a cute pet!

First up we have.....

PURfect Pancakes 🐱

We can't help but gush over Tiq's ( @automatiqhigh ) Persian Flat Face kitty, aptly named Pancakes for its flat face 😘

A memorable moment Tiq had with Pancakes was when Pancakes was stuck in the toilet unintentionally!

“Pancakes love exploring the toilets in the house. So there was once she entered the toilet without any of us knowing. So my mum closed the toilet door as she was afraid Pancakes will enter. We were in the kitchen and we heard a cat meowing. Pancakes rarely meows. So we were like whose cat is that? I followed the meowing and found her in the toilet!”

Us too, Tiq!

Tiq loves how having a pet means never coming back to an empty house because Pancakes will always run to the door when she hears someone coming back home. What a great way to be welcomed home!

She also shares a few things she learnt about being a mommy to her cute Pancakes:
🌟Cats are really distinct individuals and one cannot simply stereotype a breed to a character because all of them are different.
🌟 Like a child, cats (and all animals) requires lots of time and effort in taking care of them.

So please think wisely before committing to own a pet, we want them to all have a loving home 🏑

Up next we have.....

Pawesome Penny 🐢

Audrey ( @audreyxaudrey ) decided on getting a Sheltie because of how affectionate, loving and smart they are! She also has a heartwarming tale about getting Penny whose name derived from the sitcom The Big Bang Theory. (Are you a fan of this sitcom too? 😊)

"I got her with a bit of luck! I actually confirmed another Sheltie with a breeder and placed a small deposit with him while I withdraw the rest of the money.... that's when I walked passed another breeder’s kennel with many beautiful Shelties walking around. I asked him if he has a baby Sheltie for sale and he showed me his latest litter. Penny was only a few days old when I first saw her!"

Getting her was one of the best decisions I've made in my life because she brought so much joy and love into my life, as well as my parents' life!

Penny is also very affectionate and follows anyone around the house. She listens to commands well and knows how to respond to emotions (I.e happy, sad or angry).

She is fine being alone but she definitely prefers companionship. Sometimes, Audrey even head home a little earlier just to accompany Penny 🐢

We think Penny and Audrey are definitely meant to be! Penny never fails to put a smile on our faces when we see her on Audrey’s Instagram!

Audrey hopes that all animals will have loving and responsible owners this World Animals' Day! 🐾

Last but definitely not least, we have.....

Terrific Thumper and Toto 🐰🐰

They are @sherlynchanwp's precious bunnies! You can find them on their social media platform @bunnyloaves to keep up with these two sweethearts πŸ’•

Given bunnies' quiet nature, we wonder how Sherlyn interacts with her bunnies πŸ€”

“I usually have tummy time with the bunnies. I’d lay on the floor near them and they’d come sniff me or hop on my back if I’m lucky. Also, I clean their pen every day and they usually hop around me when I’m doing so. They seem to love having their pen cleaned! I sometimes joke that I’m my bunnies’ servant but really, they bring me such joy and comfort after a tiring day of work. It’s therapeutic to clean their pens ☺️"

Did you know that Bunnies have personalities too?

Thumper, Sherlyn’s grey netherland dwarf named after Thumper from Bambi is quite a guarded recluse. He is afraid of dogs, strangers and loud sounds (e.g. the monstrous vacuum cleaner). True to his name, he also thumps really loudly when danger is lurking nearby! 😣

Sherlyn sometimes label him as a passive aggressive bunny because when she’s motionless, Thumper loves to come over and disturb her. The moment she stirs, he hops away in an instant! πŸ˜‚ When Sherlyn is blocking Thumper’s way, he would nudge her with his snout in a bid to say, "move away, human!"

As for Totto, a holland lop named after Toto Chan and Toto the dog from Wizard of Oz, is gregarious, adventurous and clumsy. These two books are Sherlyn’s favourite novels when she was a child. One funny thing is people often ask if he is named after the lottery, toto!

Toto always throws caution to the wind and would not hesitate to explore unchartered areas or go up to random strangers. So unlike Thumper! One thing Sherlyn really misses about him when he was young was when he’d groom his back so far down to his butt that he’d lose his balance and fall backwards!

This World Animal Day, Sherlyn wishes for all animals in the world to be respected, loved and cared for by people ❀️

We hope you enjoyed this post and cooed over all the adorable animals featured! Shower your pets with more treats this week to thank them for being such an amazing companion.

Animals are awesome to cuddle but always remember to be a responsible pet owner to them 😁

Tag us if you have a furry friend, we would love to e-meet them too ❀

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Thursday, 13 Oct 2016

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