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How Valentine Are You? πŸ’‘πŸ€”

Let’s take Valentine's Day for what it is, without all the commercialized pressure to find a date on this particular day — it's 24 hours to celebrate love. Just love. Couldn't we all use a little more of that?

This Valentine’s Day, be it spending the day alone, with your friends, your significant other or at work, we’ve compiled a list for you to find out: How Valentine are you? πŸ€” πŸ’‘ Take a read, have a laugh and share with your friends to see if they're able to guess the kind of Valentine you are ☺️

And....stay tuned for @audreyxaudrey, @jazreeltan and our other alpha's thoughts on Valentine's Day!

The ones who plan Valentine's Day

Do you find yourself making this day extra special for your partner? To you, there is no better day to love and be showered with love at the same time! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ It could be planning a trip overseas or a staycation, you really take this day to prove how much you mean to each other πŸ’– Your Valentine’s Day could include gifting presents with hefty price tags, perhaps a luxurious dinner, and surely the perfect social media shot to declare your love.

Alphas who fall into this category: @societyofsnobs

“I celebrate valentine's day every year but usually not on the actual day as I don't enjoy V-day set menus as they tend to be quite limited!

While I went for cable car dining last year, I will be heading to Bintan to laze under the sun and enjoy some seas sport this year!

 Besides that, I humour my mom each year by telling her that my sponsored bouquet is a gift from dad to her. I get exposed soon enough once she checks my social media πŸ˜‚"

The one who doesn't care about Valentine's Day

To you, Valentine’s Day is an overrated celebration. You’re somebody that doesn’t see the point in spending one day celebrating your undying love for each other when you do it all year round anyway. Scrap the fancy Valentine’s Day plans, lazing around at home with your partner as usual would suffice as the perfect date 😌

Alphas & Bloggeratis by Nuffnang that fall into this category: @jazreeltan @joycesayshello

@jazreeltan: “NO Valentine's Day because we've got 2 of our own birthdays to celebrate in that same week! πŸ˜‚

Birthdays > Valentine's Day + No ridiculously marked up prices = Happy pockets which mean an even happier us! πŸ€‘

Besides, all of us can really do without Valentine’s Day when we choose to make everyday like one. Happy day, everyday!! 😘”

Valentine's Day is a simple affair

If you fall under this category, Valentine’s Day is just another ordinary day. The most you’ll go to celebrating this day is a nice dinner, but that’s about it. No fancy gifts, no meticulous planning and no major splurges. You put in some effort to appreciate and celebrate the love you have for each other but really, you do that every day anyway!

Alphas that fall into this category: @automatiqhigh @audreyxaudrey

@automatiqhigh: "My husband and I don't really celebrate it officially but we usually go for dinner outside and just enjoy each other's company! No particular reason why we don't take it seriously though."

@audreyxaudrey:!"Yes I celebrate Valentine's Day with my boyfriend, but we wouldn’t visit fanciful restaurants every year because I can't justify the exorbitant food menu prices! We didn't celebrate last year so we are thinking of a nice dinner this year. I think that it's a good occasion to spend quality time with your other half."

The new couple celebrating their first Valentine's day

Aww, it’s your first Valentine’s Day together! πŸ’•More than usual, new couples tend to take their first Valentine’s Day a little more seriously. If you’ve been there, you would understand --- celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner for the first time, coming up with surprises for them (no matter how big or small) will always feel extra special & exciting πŸ™ˆ

Alphas that fall into this category: @missgoob

"Actually, I've never had the chance to celebrate Valentine's Day because I've been single all my life HAHAHA. Got to know Ahpei last April and we haven't made any plans to celebrate this year's vday cos when I'm with Ahpei, ε€©ε€©ιƒ½ζ˜―ζƒ…δΊΊθŠ‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

But vday is still an important day to me, cos it's the day my parents got married! We celebrate their wedding anniversary together if we can, with a simple homecooked dinner :) Other times, my folks will have dinner outside or they will go on a trip together! πŸ€—"

The Married Couple who has celebrated V-day one too many times

You and your partner have been together for years, and it sure feels good to be able to celebrate this romantic day with the same person again & again! Valentine’s Day serves as a reminder of the everlasting devotion that you and your partner have towards each other. It’ll be good to spend this day reminiscing over the old days, laughing at the good times and taking the time to remember how the both of you have made it this far together.

Bloggeratis by Nuffnang that fall into this category: @missuschewy (This is the 7th Valentine's Day that she has celebrated with misterchewy! 😍)

So, what kind of Valentine are you? Tell us in the comments section down below, or even just share with us your thoughts on celebrating V-Day! πŸ’•

Even an over-hyped, cheesy holiday can be a personal event if you plan it in a way that’ll make you happy. There is nothing wrong with using Valentine’s Day as a reason to make your otherwise ordinary day a lot more special. Remember, Valentine’s Day is simply about celebrating the love shared amongst your loved ones, romantically or not! πŸ’

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