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Pick a Fight with Gravity! #ChurpSGxAMPED

So a few Saturdays ago, ChurpChurp had its first community event of the year at AMPED Trampoline Park's recently-opened River Valley outlet!

We were given...

- 2 hours park access
- Inclusive of 1 hour trampoline lesson
- cute grip socks! ✌️

It's time we got some exercise after all those food tasting sessions!

Here's what went on during the #ChurpSGxAMPED event...

Alphas @dorasoh @forthegerbera @jocinaaa @brenwho all geared up & ready for some action!

Remember, safety first ! 👆 everyone listening intently while being briefed by AMPED's staff

Introducing Airtraordinary's Founder & Head Coach, Alan Zhang! Here he is giving an introduction on the sport.

Alan is also the winner of Sasuke Singapore 2 (Ninja Warriors) & went on to compete in Japan. Impressive! 💪

Making it look easy!

After the demo by Alan, everyone was each assigned to a trampoline & it was back to basics; @shortyminimad @dorasoh @jocinaaa nailed the sit-drops while @forthegerbera was a little confused over the execution of the stunt, getting into a hilarious squabble with her friend, but she got it eventually!

Moving on to...

THE HIGH WALL *dun dun*

Although there was a technique on how to get up on your own, it seemed everyone was given the boost in the end 😂

All up & smiling! Now what about...getting down 😰

Dora taking the leap of faith!

And then we were in for a game of DODGE BALLLLL!!!!!! Check out everyone's ferocious attacks 😲 Probably the most fun we had during the session (yup indeed we like to hit each other with balls!)

AMPED@River Valley is the only outlet that offers this!

Let's do some somersaults!

Our most enthusiastic participant of the day, Reuben, showing us how a backflip is done!

It was well-executed but...things didn't look too good for Alan who got hit by accident hehhhh sorry about that! As quoted by him "all part and parcel of my job" 😅

The Trust Fall. In this case, trust the sponge & take the plunge.

Budding acrobats for the day with Coach Alan

Although tired out by the end of the 2 hours session, we had a blast! For some of us, this was a new experience & we definitely learnt more than what was expected! Some conquered their fear of heights & fear of exercise *cough* Brenda *cough* 😁

A BIG thank you to AMPED Trampoline Park for hosting us & Coach Alan from Airstraodinary for making our jumping session an enjoyable one!

Now, are you ready to defy gravity? 👊

AMPED@River Valley:
46 Kim Yam Road, The Herencia
(S) 239351 #02-11
Tel: 8228 5961

Remember to make a booking on their website ( to secure your slot before heading down!

As for Airstraodinary Sports, they offer gymnastics lessons for kids (as young as 3 years old) and adults, and perform for events as well! Check them out at

Till the next community event! ✌️

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

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