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Confessions of the Alpha-holics 🛍

We’re just a week away from the Great Singapore Sales! How excited are you? 😁

The current trending topic, #priceofmakeup & #priceofskincare has everyone sharing all their holy-grail make up and skincare products that we just can’t wait to purchase them when GSS comes round! 😍

Before we go crazy over the sales, let’s take a moment to reflect on the times when we went a little overboard while shopping… 🤔🤔🤔

Stay tuned to some of our alphas confessions (think some of their craziest and biggest buys ever, haha) and survival tips when it comes to GSS! ☝🏼️

The biggest shopping mistake ever committed… 😱

Brenda @brenwho

Buying something for the sake of buying, just because it was on sale or discounted and thinking I've saved some money, but that's actually not the case!
When something is on sale for $200 and you spend $150 on it —you don't save $50, you spent $150!

Liting @gnitil_

Buying shorts without trying them. Shorts may look good and the sizing on the tag may look right but be sure to always try them on first, not everything fits as well as they look!

And we danced all night to the BEST BUY EVER! 🤑

Jovelle @dancexpression

Hmm, It'd be a $7 Faux Leather Jacket from H&M! It was really a steal. I was super shock that it was priced so low! & Yep, there's no defects or anything.

Audrey @audreyxaudrey

TANGS 12% rebate brings the best savings! 😂 My favourite because I buy all my make-up, bedsheets and towels there, which amounts to quite a bit so it’s considered my best buy!

What’s Your Big Bad Splurge? 😈

Brenda @brenwho

I'm not big on branded stuff so I guess my biggest splurge would be on my camera, or iPhone! But I think such expenses are actually worth every penny since they can be used for a long time.

Liting @gnitil_

A few hundreds on clothes and bags in a day HAHA. Went on a shopping spree after my exams and I didn't think at all!! Bought everything I saw and loved!

The greatest amount ever spent in 24 hours 💸

Jovelle @dancexpression

I think $200? On shoes and clothes hahaha.

Audrey @audreyxaudrey

$6k? On a Chanel Boy. 😂🙈

Aside from confessions, we rounded up some tips on tackling the GSS mayhem on our blog ( As usual, go check it out if you haven’t! 😉

Adding on to the 6 tips we shared over there, here are MORE GSS SURVIVAL TIPS from our alpha-holics ✍🏻

Liting @gnitil_

Hmm… my biggest tip would be when shopping at the Editors market!! We all know the more you buy the cheaper one piece is! However buying 6 pieces you love at one go doesn't happen all the time so look for others buying clothes in the same range and share the receipt!! Cheaper for everyone :)

Brenda @brenwho

ALWAYS GOOGLE FOR DISCOUNT CODES when shopping online!! This can be applied to anything you purchase online, whether it's food delivery or shopping. You may find some good discount codes that entitle you to 15% off or even a few dollars off!

Audrey @audreyxaudrey

Don't buy stuff just because they are on sale. Buy only if you really need/want it. Also, use cards that gives you more benefits such as rebates! I'm very well behaved in terms of swiping my credit cards so I definitely get more benefits than CC burdens/liabilities.

Jovelle @dancexpression

Try the size before sale period and when the sale period hits, just get it straightaway. Save yourself from all the queues to the fitting rooms! Oh, and GSS applies online as well! Join your favourite brand's newsletter and get first hand notices!

That’s all we have for fashion confessions and GSS survival tips. What’s YOUR craziest and best purchase?

Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear all about it!

Happy weekend and have a blast shopping, Churpers 😊🛍

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