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To the next 10 years, Netccentric! πŸŽ‰

How’s your week so far, Churpers? We’re stoked it’s Friday yet again and a long weekend is always something to look forward to 😊

It’s been a week since Netccentric’s 10th Anniversary Party and we sure had a blast with our Alphas, @nuffnangsg and @nuffnangth’s Bloggeratis, our long time clients and beloved staff.

Miss or Missed the party? Check out @nuffnangsg for a visual recap of the entire celebration and @blog for the live updates that day!

Aside from all the happenings, let us share with you some interesting afterthoughts we found on Dayre from those who attended the #welivesocial party and a couple of well wishes from our Alphas too.

So... How did the party go? ☺️

✨ @tayying_: The whole atmosphere was so not what I expected. I thought it was going to be a really formal setting but it felt very lively and energetic like a real good bar πŸ˜‚ Was an awkward turtle at first as I didn't know many people. But of cos in the end, I made some new friends 😌

✨ @brenwho: Networking ain't my thing but it was fun catching up with the influencers and meeting some people for the first time!

✨ @swimpsj: Distress for me, especially after a tiring day of work. Everyone in Netccentric's really friendly, so it was really easy to open up to everyone during the event!

✨ @cheyennechesney: The party wasn't what I expected, it was a lot better! The atmosphere was very welcoming and even though I was new and the youngest person in the crowd, the influencers and staff alike all made their best attempt to make me feel as comfortable as possible.

✨ @tieponytail: Oh and the best part about the "goody bag" was that there was a fish eye lens inside. I AM SO HAPPY because I've been wanting to get one from Qoo10 but now I don't have to 😁

✨ @onegirlonepot: It was a fun night at Netccentric's 10th anniversary, meeting fellow Dayreans that I've followed since 5eva, and being star struck when all those UpThere Influencers walked past us!

✨ @doubleoxm: I saw so many people that I never thought I'd see in real life, strike off so many things on my bucket list that I never thought I even would have.

✨ @yinagoh: it was a great time at yesterday's birthday bash, where I got to catch up with old-time friends, put a face to people I've been following online, kindle new friendships and even met with clients and customers!

✨ @audt01: To be honest, most of my time spent there was - taking photos hahaha πŸ™ˆ But was really happy to be able to catch up with some familiar faces whom I haven't seen in a long time!

✨ @missamandaleong: Bumping bumps with this sexy mama! 34 weeks and 21 weeks... #DayreMums

(Congrats Michelle @thechillmom for giving birth to a beautiful baby boy! 😍)

We’re so glad everyone had a ball of a time at the party as we sure did! At Netccentric, we’re always looking towards the future and innovating every step of the way. It was nice to take time and look back at the milestones and achievements we’ve made the past 10 years and now that our #welivesocial party is over, it’s once again time to bounce back to the present!

We live by @bossming’s favourite phrase,

The Best Is Yet To Be!

And we can't wait to see what's in store for us! 😊

To end off, we gathered our Alphas' well wishes for Netccentric!

πŸŽ‚ @societyofsnobs: Happy 10th Birthday Netccentric! It was an eye-opening experience for me during the celebration. Looking forward to spending the next 10 years with you. x

πŸŽ‚ Cee (@ardaisy_ on IG): Happy 10th birthday netccentric, the party was amazing! Glad to be part of this wonderful family, to more success ahead

πŸŽ‚ @cheyennechesney: It is very inspiring how much NETCCENTRIC has grown from only having a 100+ bloggers to a huge community. I hope that NETCCENTRIC continues to grow and nurture to be even more successful :))

πŸŽ‚ @missgoob: Had a blast attending Netccentric's 10th birthday bash! Congratulations on such a milestone and thank you for having me as part of the @nuffnangsg @churpsg family!

These 3 years have been an eye-opening and life-changing experience; I got to forge new friendships, travel to places and try new things. Looking forward to many more years ahead! :)

πŸŽ‚ @brenwho: Congratulations Netccentric on your 10th year mark! It's been a wonderful journey being a part of Churp Churp so far, and I look forward to the many years to come! Thank you for the love πŸ’•

πŸŽ‚ @nakedgloryvera: Happy birthday Netccentric. Thanks for introducing me to such a great community of like minded people and here's to another 10 years ahead!

πŸŽ‚ @diyatangugu: In 2006, #Netccentric started, and in the same year @carrieyeo and I joined #PSS2 .
In 2007, the first iPhone was released (😱has it only been 9 years?!), we graduated from #PSS2 a little lost, a little bruised but with new found aspirations and convictions for our dreams.

Fast forward to 2016. It's #nuffnang #netccentric 's 10th birthday and the social media landscape has evolved so much in the last decade.

It's also almost 10 years of friendship for @chabansheng and that's almost 10 years of going to events and sipping fruit punch at one corner together #strengthinnumbers #thatismorethanone

The social media landscape is still one I struggle to navigate and often find myself getting lost in. But through it, I've made valuable new friends, kept in contact with old ones and have also been able to stay true to ourselves on.

We're not too sure if we count as influencers (but I always get the influenza) but nevertheless we're grateful for the #nuffnang and #churpsg family for the support over the past few years .
十年... θ¬›ηš„ζ˜―ζ„Ÿζƒ…ε§ 😌 (Ten years... The bonds that has been forged)

Happy Blessed Birthday #netccentric @nuffnangsg @churpsg πŸ’ͺ❀️

Aww we're so filled with love right now 😍 A big THANK YOU to everyone who came by and of course, to ALL who have supported us throughout the 10 years. We definitely can't do it without you 😌

Share with us your best moments at @netccentric's #welivesocial party and if YOU have any well wishes for Netccentric, feel free to comment below!

Have a blast this longgg weekend, Churpers! Whoop πŸŽ‰

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Friday, 9 Sep 2016

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