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Our top 4️⃣ picks for M1 Sg Fringe Festival ✨

We're less than 2 months away from M1 Singapore Fringe Festival (M1SFF), coming up in Jan 2017! Arts lovers, brace yourselves!

If you're unfamiliar with M1SFF, here are some exciting facts to get you pumped up for it! Happening from 4 - 15 January 2017, explore into the matters of identity, beauty, intimacy and many more with the theme revolving around ART & SKIN

Next year's M1SFF will focus on local artistes, with participation from fellow international artistes spanning across four categories namely, Fringe Highlights, Live Fringe, Fresh Fringe and Fringe Activities.

@nuffnangsg and @churpsg are proud to be the official social media partners for 2017's M1 Singapore Fringe Festival yet again 🎉😄

Look no further if you're hoping for a sneak preview of our top picks for the 13th edition of M1SFF as we reveal the top 5 acts that captured our attention most!

Have you ever been LABELLED?

As a female, sister, doctor, music lover – labels define us, but are we really all these? Explore Joe Sellman-Leava’s mixed heritage, multi culturalism and self-identity with this light-hearted show titled Labels by Worklight Theatre

See what's to expect with this short YouTube video by Joe himself!

WE LOVE IT BECAUSE 🍿: The raw emotions and truths revealed in Labels provoke thought on our identity and the many roles we play in life. Especially in Singapore where we are a melting pot of cultures, this show will allow us to be more sensitive to the labels that we put on others and how they react to them.

Get comfortable with FOREIGN BODIES 👀

Excite your senses with the debut performance of Foreign Bodies by Skin in SIN, seeking to delve into controversial topics such as racism and xenophobia - matters usually swept under the carpet.

The idea of Foreign Bodies stem from something or someone unfamiliar and that’s exactly what you get in this act from Singapore’s first diverse and politically progressive burlesque troupe.

WE LOVE IT BECAUSE 🍿: Foreign Bodies hit a raw nerve as it touches on the ongoing issue of imported Singaporeans. How do we live together and understand each other when everyone is foreign to one another? Well, Foreign Bodies will begin to figure everyone out in an unforgettable way 😌

Be ready to FIGHT!

In the generation of #hashtags, FIGHT! PALAST #membersonly deals with the perceived freedom today. We get down and dirty to the actors’ own biographies with a fighting scene with our inner desires. Only the bravest risks takers will survive

WE LOVE IT BECAUSE 🍿: #PENGPENG! The candid fight performance brings out what #generationY today are hiding under our perfect digital profiles. We think this will really get under our skin with issues we didn’t even know bothered us! Definitely something to keep a look out for 😁

Have a compulsive behaviour?

Heard of OCD? How about CSP? Artist, Liz Atkin, suffers from a disorder called Compulsive Skin Picking (CSP) and like its name sake, it is the need to always be picking at her skin. Drawing thus helps her overcome this disorder and put her skills to good use by producing such creative art pieces with the use of charcoal!

WE LOVE IT BECAUSE 🍿: Many people see having a disorder a challenge so to have Liz Atkin channeling her energy on a positive activity is awe inspiring. She first started on sketchbooks before moving on to everyday advertisements and newspapers, watch her creativity come to life in #CompulsiveCharcoal!

Psst! You might even spot her on the MRT sketching and giving out her works of art 😉

This sums up our top 5 picks for M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, we definitely want to attend ALL the acts as they are all so unique in their own ways 😊

Performances at M1SFF range from $12-25 (excluding fee)

M1 staff and customers get to receive 20% off $25 tickets too 👍🏼

If you'd like to be part of the scene at minimal cost, be sure to check out A Long Table About Diversity On Stage - its complimentary along with other fringe activities, yay 🎉

For the full details of the line up, head over to our blog ➡️

So what are you waiting for?

Get your tickets to M1SFF today! 🎟

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