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Celebrating Influence

As you’ve already heard, @Netccentric has hit the 10th year mark! 🙌🏻

In this modern day and age, we’re always ready to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to the latest hype in social media and we’re sure it’s definitely made some impact in your life. Yet to share your #WeLiveSocial story? Now’s the time to do so and we have some exciting content ahead 😉

Being in the social media industry, the term “Influencer” has often times been used to describe someone who has the power to affect you and the decisions you make. Today, we’ll look at this term from various perspectives. So,

what does it mean to have influence?

Could you think of any influential person in your life? Is it your Mom, Dad or perhaps your favourite celebrity? We came up with a list of the most influential people (in our opinion!) and figured out why and how they really need no introduction.

Your talk show hosts 📺

✨Oprah Winfrey✨

Remember The Oprah Winfrey show? Oprah’s an icon and inspiration to many through the advices and support she provided to millions of people all around the world, especially empowering women!

Growing up wasn’t easy for Oprah, with her poor family background and painful life experiences, she has since stood up for herself, touching deep into people’s hearts with her ability to empathize with them and have several foundations under her charge to help the less privileged.

✨Ellen DeGeneres✨

The Ellen DeGeneres Show was always screening on TV after school and we’d sit in our school uniforms laughing along to Ellen’s jokes. Ellen’s truly herself; she’s unafraid of talking about anything and always stands up for what she believe in which is what her fans adore her for. Who can forget her iconic dance at the end of every show?

The men who changed our lives forever

✨Walt Disney✨

Disney fans unite! Walt Disney has transformed and inspired millions of kids encouraging them to dare to imagine the impossible thus creating a wonderful childhood for many. It has drilled in many positive values into us at a young age and we can’t fathom what the world will be like without our Disney films and imagination.

✨Steve Jobs✨

The man who revolutionized the mobile phone industry, Steve Jobs has indeed changed our lives forever (even for android users, the bars have been raised!) The first to introduce touch screen mobile phones that revolutionized the industry and caused customers to queue overnight for after every new launch - a genius indeed.

✨Barack Obama✨

The first African American president and probably one of the coolest! Some of his more notable contributions include putting an end to the Iraq war in 2011, creating a universal health insurance across America, decreasing the rate of unemployment etc. He speaks passionately like a true leader and when he’s not busy running the country, he’s a loving husband and father of two, as well as a “comedian” to all of America & the world – caught his latest “Retirement Plan” spoof?

Good one! 😂👍🏻

Your on-screen friends 💻


10 million subscribers and garnering more than a million views on her YouTube videos, Zoe is genuine and definitely in our list of influential people. Not only is she great with makeup, she shares part of her life with her subscribers, developing an intimate bond with them and even interacts with fans both online and off.

✨Tyler Oakley✨

Did you see him on The Ellen show? He even scored an interview with Michelle Obama on his YouTube channel! Tyler, yet another successful YouTuber with over 8 million subscribers, has more than just a colourful personality that everyone loves and also unafraid of being himself.

Hmm… so what do they all have in common?

These people, who either changed the world or your perspectives, are all-rounders and risk-takers. Behind their hard work & contribution, they all have a story to tell.

Influence is when you can modify someone else’s behaviour.

In our experience, to achieve that, someone needs to know YOUR STORY and that in turn can only be achieved when you share it.

There’re many ways to share your story, be it by penning down your thoughts on your blog, Dayre or even through videos. So we hope to hear yours too, you never know who you might just inspire or who could very well relate to you!

That's all the time we have for this week, don't forget to share your #WeLiveSocial story here on Dayre! We'd love to hear how social media has impacted your life.

What's more, top 3 stories stand a chance to win SGD500 and will be published in our commemorative coffee table book! Submission ends Monday, 22 Aug✌

Have a good weekend ahead y'all! 😊😊😊

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